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Someone trying to reset my password

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    I’m not sure if this is just some sort of glitch or if someone is actually doing this but if it continues I may have to leave.


    It’s a known issue for which we have no explanation, and admin hasn’t yet addressed our concerns.

    Password Security

    I don’t find it a huge issue, unless your email account has been compromised.


    I have had the same, Marcilena. In fact, several times. I know this because I get an email asking me if I want to reset my password. I have been told by members on here to ignore said emails. You could do the same. I definitely don’t want you to leave this website.

    My advice: use a secure email address. Use a password that you can easily remember but isn’t obvious or easily guessable. Only log in when you’re using this website. And always log out when you’re finished posting. You know this already, but is still vaulable advice.


    looks like who ever it is is back at it


    today I had 173 of them or their abouts. someone is seriously bored, it seems.


    Holy Cow!  After reading your post, Emily, I checked my email.  I had 50!


    I got a lot, too. Didn’t keep track of a number, just trashed them. A nuisance!


    I had a whole load of them yesterday too..


    I had a few -> bin!


    I had a load of them too.


    I just sent a message to forum staff about this. hopefully A step in getting this resolved


    12 today, and 34 yesterday.


    in the last couple days it’s been at least in the hundreds for me


    11 for me today.


    The other day I got about 25-odd ones.


    And they’re still trying. I got 6 password reset emails today. The other day I got over 20.

    WHO is doing this?

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 30 total)
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