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Someone trying to reset my password

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    None for me, today.


    In my house, we say that lights are left on in an empty room by “Invisible Fred.” In honour of the Weasleys, I’m going to say “Invisible George” is pestering us. Maybe that will make it less of a nuisance? Probably not, but I’m all about making my own fun in life. 😉


    I had 50 of them before bedtime last night




    I had a grand total of 500 of these requests today.


    not best impressed, crashed my mail server and who ever is doing this does need to stop


    and another 500


    minits after I posted I had them


    who ever you are, stop. please


    My turn today. Over 300. I think I’ll try setting up a new username, though that doesn’t guarantee the new one isn’t plagued at some point…


    I’m leaving. I was approved a couple days ago and I have 78 emails about my password…and counting. This site needs to manage it’s security better since it’s happening to so many.


    I had 34 today, all within 8-9 minutes.

    19 @ 1:58 PM
    5 @ 1:59 PM
    8 @ 2:05 PM
    2 @ 2:06 PM


    To get hundreds probably means an automated process. If the sending address is genuine probably either the site software is not setup right or hacked or the site sending email address has been hacked. It is a bit strange though, especially as some people receive more than others. It may have a bit to do with their email server spam rejection though. It may be sensible to divert any emails from here to a seperate email folder as they could then be quickly scanned and deleted en-masse. Really it is ‘poor show’ having no input from the management here.

    My suggestion Rebecca is to create a new email address purely for here and change to it in your forum settings. That way all the emails from here would go there and nothing else of value. Tedious, I know, but it does isolate your main address from the (effective) infection hence reduce worry. If the old one is still plagued, that would then be illegal (I think), but you could legitamately block any further original email address input from here without any qualms.

    It is rather odd that such a pleasant forum such as this should have such a silly bug.


    I must admit Im getting a bit sick of this most weekends the forum is down .. When I log in it takes about 20 aptempts says Im logged in and as soon as I try to reply to a post Im logged out again. Then I got a flash warning from my virus scanner that this site is not secure..

    Sorry, its all getting a bit much for me too.

    Im a member elsewhere and they dont have these problems and they have mods on hand to sort out any issues.


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    I am on my PC and my phone is constantly buzzing with notifications that Im requesting a password reset. crazy


    at FledglingCrowe. read the entire thread.


    not one post from the staff. not one. makes you wonder..


    they have stopped for me


    I changed my email address to something that makes absolutely no sense at all so now they are just bouncing back to the sender


    which in itself wasn’t an easy thing to do.. editing the profile is another task


    I had around 20 password reset emails today. I deleted them*, which is not a problem. But it is a problem if someone keeps trying to reset all our passwords. Because I certainly don’t want to leave this forum: as you can tell from my number of posts, I love it here.

    I hope we can all overcome this glitch and keep the forum going.

    Just to note, emily91: if you need to delete – say over 10 unwanted emails – a trick is to click on the button that is next to “delete all posts” on your email page. Basically, if all your emails are listed, you should not have to delete every email one-by-one. The above trick saves a LOT of time when it comes to having to delete emails. Also, another trick is to save important emails into labelled folders within your email account before clicking on the “delete all” button. If you learn this handy tip, you’ll save yourself hours of time.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 30 total)
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