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    Some of which has been done this evening! I was watching the TV and thought ‘What the hell!’. Here’s the checklist, all ticked:

    1. Cleared out my shoe/handbag closet
    2. Threw away unused shoes and handbags
    3. Hoovered the shoe closet
    4. Emptied out and cleaned my entire fridge: both inside and out
    5. Emptied my food cupboard and cleaned said cupboard
    6. Folded and sorted items in my linen cupboard

    I hoovered the rest of my apartment today, too. As well as washing the laundry and taking out the rubbish & recycling.

    I keep myself occupied!

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    I am doing quite a bit of sorting at the moment too Kitty. The new gardening year is upon us am I am sorting out the greenhouse and planters for the things I have already planted seeds for. The seeds mean a change of organisation in the house as, in the day, clothes are dried on top of the storage heaters. In the evening I put my seed trays on top to get bottom heat for good germination so there comes a rota for the heat lol. In the house I am sorting out my hobby things as I find my art materials are scattered all over. I have allocated one big drawer for most of my pencils and watercolour paints. All this has included sorting out clothes as these seemed to be scattered a bit too. I have made a decision that many things will need to go! Today I hope to defrost the fridge as it has been fairly full since before Christmas so the freezer compartment is thick with ice. It has only now become low enough so there is space inside our main freezer for the couple of items in there.


    I have cleaned my bathroom and kitchen this morning. I also took out rubbish & recycling.

    It’s hard work, definitely BUT is so, so worth the results. Throwing away is the best way to go, SpinningJen! You feel such a sense of relief when items are tossed. Who needs clutter and mess? When objects stress you out and give you anxiety, it is time for it all to go. I have copied my dad and Nan in that regard: they taught me to be a clean & tidy person. Both on my person and in my home.

    Happy spring-cleaning, SpinningJen!

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    My first spring cleaning was the Christmas decorations.  Its my yearly ritual , as I take them down any that are damaged or looking worn go to one side, any that I think are not ‘working ‘for me also go to one side. Then I sort them out an any that can be re-used go to our re-cycle shop.. We re-cycled more than anywhere else in the country last year !!

    Now Im in the garden, its so mild … I have a chair which has a creeper growing over and round it but the chair is rotton so Im cutting it free and putting a new chair in its place.. The empty chair where a candle burns in a lantern is my little reminder of the loved ones Ive lost. The chair will never be sat on or use by anyone..

    Next on my list is the loft.. In our country lofts are useable rooms and most often used for storage or occasional guest rooms and mine looks like a junk yard at the moment, So a good spring clean is needed..

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    My loft is nearly empty now. Is a traditional loft for here and just used for storage but required a stepladder ccess. Most things are now moved into the house now that the kids have left and there is more space. It waas too much of a risk climbing about as the loftspace is of more modern construction with beams all over the place.  It has cluttered the house a bit as, for instance,  the Christmas decorations used to be kept up there but it does make it so much safer and easier when they are to hand.


    I do see cleaning as being therapeutic. It’s like today, my dad helped me clean my washing machine dispenser drawer. It was mouldy and horrible. I now know how to clean it fully myself. I also always clear my flat of clutter. I still have more to throw away, too! I do NOT want my flat full of junk and rubbish. It really frustrates me and drives me mental.

    I hate dirt and mess.


    I am rather addicted to doing the laundry! I have on a load every day.


    I gave my house a good clean yesterday then my dog caught her paw in the garden so I had blood all over the place. Of course she had to follow me everywhere and make matters worse lol.


    That’s not good Mikki! I hope she is Ok and it does not  get infected.


    No Jen, the bandage is off now and she is not even licking the area, I just hope I have removed all the blood spots on the carpets.

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    I’m sorry about your dog, mikki: I hope she gets better soon.


    More cleaning today: it was the turn of my bathroom and kitchen. The laundry also went on.

    I keep my apartment really clean and just as my precious home.


    Today we are having the house gutters cleaned. The workmen are clattering about at the moment lol


    My only gripe is my greyhound has run all over the wet grass and tramped mud into my bedroom, now I have to shampoo the carpet yet again lol.


    Oh, Mikki!  You have greyhounds?!  For 13.5 years, my home has been blessed with three of those beautiful creatures.

    I’ve experienced the various blood/dirt prints during that time as well.

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