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    I have a dachshund also, they are lovely dogs as well. Also had a saluki and he was so elegant as he outstripped the greyhounds that tried to catch him.


    Today: I have re-jigged and thrown away many items from my bookshelf: and not just books, but ornaments as well. I have also dusted said bookshelf. It looks stylish and cohesive now. There are still a fair few books and three angels but it is still less clutter.

    Tommorrow: It is cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. It is also cleaning my computer work station. This means cleaning the computer screen/keyboard/hoovering the floor area/dusting.

    In the week: It is hoovering my bedroom thoroughly: including behind my chest of drawers and edges of the room. I also have to check for mould and eradicate any mould present. I am also going to go through my wardrobe again and re-organize it.

    I keep my apartment really nice!


    I have a dachshund also, they are lovely dogs as well. 

    It’s funny you mention that, Mikki.  When I told him I had greyhounds, en ex-boyfriend exclaimed, “They’re my favorite, along with dachshunds!”


    Well, I did the cleaning I said I would: I cleaned my computer work station. I also cleaned my bathroom and kitchen. I put on a load of laundry, as well. I now have a clean apartment! Oh: I have also a pile of items to recycle/throw/give away.

    I love spring cleaning!

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    And it goes on!

    I cleared out my bedroom and produced 4 bags of items to throw away and give to charity. Said items have gone into the bins outside. I have also sorted my wardrobe, with items for charity. I have hoovered and throughly dusted my bedroom. I am airing out my bedroom, too. I have also cleared out my top drawer: there is very little junk in it now.

    I feel all cleansed and refreshed: like starting brand-new.


    I have managed to clean the whole house except the lounge even cleaning the skirting boards and the fiddly black marks you get in the corners of your windows. I must wash the settee covers first before I take on the lounge, I just have to get the dogs off of the settee first lol.


    I have a charity bag of clothes out this morning. None of mine this time though.


    It was the turn of my bathroom and kitchen today.

    So it’s all done: for today at least!


    I am very strict with myself: I clean my bathroom and kitchen twice a week, every single week.


    I have emptied, cleaned and re-stocked my kitchen cupboards. I have also cleaned the inside of my fridge. I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen yesterday afternoon. I air out my apartment daily.

    It is spring very soon, so definitely do the same yourself!

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    I shall do so Kitty, I bought a magnetic fly screen today for my front door. Last Summer there was fly poo everywhere and I spent ages cleaning my curtains, blinds, lampshades and surfaces so drastic action was called for. my problem now is teaching the dogs to walk through it, such fun lol.


    I have cleaned my bathroom and kitchen today. I also put on two loads of laundry. I also hoovered and aired out my apartment.

    I keep things spick & span.


    I re-jigged my bookshelf again yesterday. I suppose I like to mix things up. I keep on top of the laundry, too.

    I definitely spring clean my apartment for myself: it is like therapy, as it keeps you calm and in control. Because when there’s mess and clutter, you get so frustrated and annoyed. Hence why I clean and tidy ALL the time.

    I love ordering the chaos.


    Hiya, I only have one greyhound but she is a gem and very friendly, she loves my little dachshund and always fun to see them trying to play lol.

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