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    I think Ive caught it…

    Yesterday for no apperent reason I felt the urge to wash down every door and every skirting board in the house. I did a deep clean of the bathroom and downstairs loo from light fittings to floor and today the loft is getting a good clean out..Ive taken the winter duvet off the bed and hung it out to air and Im busy sorting through winter clothes hats gloves scarfs etc…

    Stupidly Im also planning to bath the dog  , stupid because Ive just scrubbed the bathroom!

    I think OH is infected too hes talking about spring cleaning the parrot house. This means a whole days work, taking apart the play frame taking the cage to bits getting it all into the drive and jet washing the lot (he does surface clean the cage every day) ..


    Help !  Has anyone else caught the bug?

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    We’re on the same page: I have been doing loads of spring cleaning myself. I keep on top of the laundry, always wash up, hoover, scrub the bathroom and kitchen regularly… I love this time of year for doing so. Having my home spick & span is very important to me.

    Carry on with the cleaning!


    Kim and Aggie eat your hearts out!


    Taiwan is always relatively warm seldom below 60F. was 85F today. always feel like summer to me here.


    I have felt a bit this way this year since Christmas as I have been more active this year going for long walks several times a week. There is nothing like a bit of sun though to invigorate me into doing similar things. I went through my clothes a few days back and put a good quantity into the latest charity bag, then tided things. Now I am feeling more like sorting my plants in the garden.

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    Good on you, SpinngJen! I am inspired to all sort through my wardrobe! I think I will do this today.

    I just LOVE having little clutter and clean, aired out rooms. I am a sucker for hygiene. I definitely have no dust, rubbish bags, piles of crockery, piles of dirty laundry, endless ornaments around my apartment. I am very aware of keeping things tidy.

    And especially at this time of year!

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    And I have sorted my wardrobe! I feel much better and cleansed for doing so. I have a pile of clothing to discard. I shall donate said items to charity: they’re in good condition. I have also thrown away a number of items. I keep on top of such things. I don’t even miss items after they’re thrown away: in fact, I feel happier and refreshed for doing so.

    I’d advise anyone do the same! You won’t regret it. Just be honest with yourself about what you’re prepared to wear and whether or not it belongs in your wardrobe. Basically, don’t hang onto items based on an “if only”. If you are never going to wear it again, be honest with yourself and get rid.

    Just some advice!

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    Yesterday was the turn of the linnen cupboard so now everything is refolded and in order and the few things I decided were too old have gone to OH for rags ( car cleaning) ..

    Today the kitchen got the same treatment all the white goods got a good scrub ,walls doors and floors as well so its all dust free and shiney again.

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    I have donated my clothing to charity. They are in good condition and it would be a shame if they were just thrown away.

    Anyhow, good on you! I could spring clean forever. I definitely have plans to throw away loads more stuff. I just don’t need clutter and do NOT like mess and disorganization. I am incredibly organized: I always will be.

    Carry on cleaning! LOL.


    Where I live it can be close to 70 degrees on day and back down to 50 as the high temperature the next so my comforter is not leaving my bed quite yet. I however have been doing cleaning everyday, but that is because I am just a busy body and I am recently retired and am a ball full of energy.


    I have more cleaning to do. This includes checking there is no mould [yuck] and just giving a thorough hoover around my apartment. I air out my home daily, so that’s no problem. I would like a cordless hoover, as they’re easier to use. I promise myself I will buy one soon.

    Anyhow, spring cleaning in a good idea any time of year. I love having a nice, organized, pleasant home. But I need to do a deep clean. I am thinking this week. In fact, it will be this week I do so.

    Carry on cleaning!


    I shall be clearing out my kitchen cupboards today. I love having a sort-of show-like home! Still cosy, though, and still stylish with personal touches. I don’t like clinical, bland designs and because of this had my apartment painted peach: it’s a gorgeous colour. I have white painted bedroom walls and a pink carpet, too. It really is lovely.

    I love interior design!

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    I have to admit we are very casual about our home Im not the show home type and I love my home to be lived in . Plus we have always had pets and that just doesnt go well with show home expectations.

    But today was the spring clean day for our parrot. His cage is given a general clean every day but twice a year we take the whole thing including his play frame apart and take it outside to be jet washed so that every tiny nook and cranny is super super clean.

    It takes most of the day to do but we think he deserves it.

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    I have given my bathroom and kitchen a clean today. It is nice to have a hygienic home.

    Anyhow, I have gotten rid of around 30 CDs that I just never listen to. It is a relief to have them gone: as awful as that sounds. I have also sorted my DVD shelf. I have kept a few: they are classics and other people I know may want to watch them. I definitely get rid of as much clutter as I can. If I don’t look at it or think about it, it is gone straight away. That is ruthless, but I don’t want to be a clutter-bug.

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    Having just read your lovely comments about my artwork Kitty your actions bring me back to a couple of days ago. I was looking for my fashion design templates and went through my box files. I have literally hundreds of drawings I did while taking drawing lessons. I expect they will go at some time, but I tend to keep things. A bit of a tidy clutter lol.


    You could frame your best drawings [that you did whilst attending your art classes] and put them on your walls. Instead of leaving them on a shelf to gather dust, corral them and showcase them! You’ll be glad you did. This could also go for other special drawings/letters/postcards. It would be a way to enjoy your sentimental items and have others admire them, too. Your home is where the heart is and anyone would love admiring your nostalgic artwork and the suchlike.

    Just an idea!

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