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    Now, you all know I do a lot of cleaning: I always will. This is what I did today:

    1. I put on a load of laundry
    2. I cleaned my bathroom
    3. I cleaned my kitchen
    4. I hoovered
    5. I dusted & cleaned my bedroom sidetable
    6. I took out the rubbish & recycling
    7. I am airing out my flat

    I am very disiplined when it comes to cleaning: as I am with writing. Cleaning is something I like to do. It is hard work: but hard work worth doing.

    How have you been summer spring-cleaning recently?


    I do one or two of those daily but seldom do them all together. I am usually too busy for that.


    Yesterday I did nothing in the house.. I was away doing my big shop in Germany for the first time sice Feb.

    I dont tend to do a huge list of jobs all at once because I dont work anymore I can take my time and do one of two things each day.


    Well, yesterday I cleaned my washer/dryer despenser. It looked really bad. Today I have put on a load of laundry and taken out the rubbish & recycling. I also air out my flat daily.

    I tend to clean as I go: even though I do do a big clean every Monday and Thursday. I am vigilliant about keeping my flat clean and fairly tidy. It is organized, though: everything has its place. I have thrown away a lot over the past year. This includes ornaments and the suchlike. If I don’t miss it, then I was right to throw it away. When nostalgia weighs you down, it’s time to say goodbye to those objects. At the end of the day, that’s all they are: objects. Just throw them away.

    That is my philosophy.


    Being a very practical person I find I keep all kinds of things. I find it annoying when I think of an idea to sort a problem and then find I recently threw out things that I could use to make it happen. That’s why I have lots of different tpes of glues, materials, paper and card etc which may be useful. Even though most of it is tidy you would hate the problem of keeping it so and clean Kitty. I am a bit of a collector lol


    I do collect angels and chickens. That sounds odd, but I do. Chickens are cute!

    However, clutter stresses me out badly. I throw away as much as I possibly can. Of course, I can’t throw everything away. In fact, I cleaned my apartment again today. I didn’t throw any ornaments away, though.

    I do keep my rings and other jewellery in D.I.Y boxes. I am actually really organized. I seldom lose things. I do, though, have to go through a few jewellery boxes. I also have to clear out and organize my shoe cupboard. I shall re-fold and tidy my linen cupboard, too. I have a few things to do this week.


    Finally…..we have an appointment to go to the tip yes that’s right we have an appointment because of covid it’s been very difficult to dump rubbish at the tip because of the limited space which made  queues up to 2 hours long just to get rid of some rubbish, so  they have introduced an appointment system.

    I am going to make the absolute best of my appointment and get a good clear out of my loft my daughter has a television and I have my old sewing machine which has to go but I’m going to make sure that my car is really full of everything we need to get rid of.


    There is an appointment system in place where we live Cassandra for the same reason. I have noticed lots of people have been hiring skips too to sort out old things while they have time. I was amazed at one house as I noticed they used two skips in the end, but do wonder if they were sharing or whether some of it was business waste.

    I hope you get to a tidy state, and don’t forget anything.

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    Putting junk in a skip is therapeutic: and no one needs unused items all over their property.

    Clearing the clutter is my motto!


    I am forever doing the laundry. I air out my flat daily, too. I suppose I like clear air and clean laundry.

    As for you guys: it is best to clean when you are able to. There is no law that says you must clean ABC by 5pm. Do it at your own pace and keep to your own routine and schedule. Cleaning is a non-stop job and an on-going thing. It doesn’t all have to be done at once. One day you could dust your TV. Another day you could clean your kitchen: it really depends on your job and responsibilities. You could write a rota, I suppose: that would give you time to keep things clean whilst getting on with work.

    Definitely carry on cleaning!


    Hope your well KitKatKitty, have also private messaged you.


    Thank you, Rachel.


    I cleaned my bathroom and kitchen again today. I am also airing out my apartment.

    I keep busy.


    I put on a load of laundry this morning. I have just done the hoovering and have recently opened all the windows.

    Keeping my apartment spick & span is important to me. I shall always live in a clean home!


    as we speak my husband is trimming the hedge I have hoovered my laundry is done my bed is turned back and my windows are open.

    I have just put two loaves of bread into the oven to bake and this afternoon I have a few errands to run ,  keeping things spick and span is great although it mustn’t take over your life.

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