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    Perhaps you’re right Cassandra. But I did clean the inside of my fridge and my food cupboards. I also cleaned my cleaning product cupboard. I rearranged my Closet and re-folded my linen cupboard. I tidied my sweater drawer too. I am also airing out my apartment.

    Thank you for your advice,  though: there IS life beyond cleaning. But I won’t live in mess to prove a point. What I mean is that sometimes people think mess is cooler than tidying. I think cleaning very important and won’t live like that. Also being 40 years old this year I am more responsible and mature. I won’t worry about a single crumb but do realize life is also about living.

    I hope I have not come across as insulting: that is not my aim. I know you are not suggesting I live in filth so I do know your point.

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    Absolutely not suggesting that you should neglect your house.

    I just know that I like to take advantage of everything life has to offer and I don’t want to spend too much time polishing for the sake of it.

    My next door neighbour has an absolute show home yet she comes in here for tea sometimes and says she loves being here because we are so warm and relaxed I wonder why she doesn’t just relax herself ..

    too little cleaning is disgusting and can lead to health problems, too much cleaning is just as bad… as they say a little bit of everything does you good, but too much of anything is a bad thing.


    Have private messaged you back as promised KitKatKitty!


    I think you’ve got a point, cassandra. Too little cleaning is disgusting yet too often is bad, too. I am not agreeing out of politeness: I agree because you’ve got a point. I would LOVE to have more of a social life. I’d love to:

    1. Study a higher English course at college
    2. Travel around in the car to various places, like I used to
    3. Meet up with my close friend Nick in town
    4. Meet up with my other close friend, Frances
    5. Go to nightclubs
    6. Attend a creative writing group again
    7. Attend my local social group when lockdown is over

    These are a few things on my future plans. I can’t stay like I am forever: things change and people change. I am going to have to face my fears and get on with living my life. Of course I’ll still clean, but I will have so much more.

    I have also realized that it is so easy to lose your path: your navigation. Confidence can be knocked and it can be hard to get back up. I feel this way. I have a lot of demons to battle.

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    I haven’t forgotten my goals and aims. I do know not to give up: I shall keep pushing and keep trying. I am taking it step-by-step. And I also realize being alone for too long can increase anxiety. I need to battle that demon and live my life. I don’t want to hide away out of fear: I want to live.

    On a tangent: I have cleaned my apartment again today. This included hoovering, laundry and cleaning my bathroom and kitchen. I do like to keep on top of things. I definitely love cleaning and organzing my home. I will be sorting through my jewellery collection within the next few days. I want everything in its place, so I know where everything is. I am incredibly organized. I think I got that from my nan.


Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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