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    So on the 15th of this month, I’m gonna be having surgery so it’s gonna be leave me feeling like a chimpmunk for a while so this is something that needs to be sorted out and will be recovering from this too, will also have an IV sedation ( first IV)…

    This also means that longer off here too


    Hoping all goes smoothly for the surgery and your recovery time. Thanks for letting us know, and we’ll be thinking of you. We’ve got your back!


    Good luck for the surgery. I hope it sorts ou your problems x



    Sending positive thoughts for a good outcome on your surgery and wishing you a speedy recovery..


    I am also sending positive thoughts your way.

    You’ll mend afterwards in no time.


    Hope all goes well and recovery is short.


    Had the first round of dental surgery, the dentist had to cut into my jaw bone to get the tooth out, either way it could leave either a temporary or permament disfugurement to my jaw but it’s only been 3 days since, I can’t eat on my right side due to it but got a shiner of a bruise instead right on the jaw bone, I can’t even open my mouth properly nor eat solid foods so soft foods until I can get back on solid food again….

    –Update– ^^


    Ouch! Thanks for updating us, and keep taking it easy.

    We’ve been talking molars here as the older two boys tried to determine which teeth are just coming in or have yet to do so in their mouths. I’m the late bloomer when we discuss adult teeth – I’ve only had a single wisdom tooth come in, and that was in my 30’s! Odd!


    Cutting into the jaw bone sounds nasty 🙁 . I hope you recover soon. It reminds me of when I fell and broke a couple of teeth. One of those left was so llose the dentist thought I would lose it but, being very careful and resorting to cutting sandwiches into tiny portions and eating mushy breakfast etc with a babies spoon, I was lucky and still have it.


    After a fall a couple of years ago I got an infection and that require me to have root tip surgery on my front tooth last year.

    A blood test before surgery showed I have good calcium and vitamin levels and this, the dental surgeon assured me would help no end in my recovery.

    True to his word the bone has grown back in and healed really well.

    So you have some imput into your recovery by eating well and making sure you give your bones the calcium needed to heal.


    Good luck,

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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