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    How often do people give you terrible, thoughtless gifts?

    Pretty much everything I’ve ever gotten from my mother was bad, lol. I remember one year for my birthday, she gave me this soccer ball (I hate sports) What’s worse, is that this thing was sitting in her bedroom for many months on the floor.  She like literally just picked something off the floor of her room, wrapped it, and tried to pass it off as my birthday present.  Every article of clothing she’s ever bought me was the wrong size, or something incredibly ugly (I’ve asked her many times not to buy me clothes) She also orders garbage from the internet, and she had it sent to my house and she gave them my phone number!  I was getting so many spam calls every day, I had to get a whole new cell phone and change my number … and I don’t let my mother have it now.

    My ex-boyfriend once gave me a t-shirt for my birthday.  It was for his favorite sports team, I don’t even like the sport it was for.  And it was two sizes too big.  And it was from the men’s section.  That might go down as one of the worst I’ve ever received, lol.

    This Christmas, my husband bought me a pair of slippers.  Now, I’ve never worn slippers in my life.  If I lived in an appropriate climate, and if it was socially acceptable, I’d love to spend my whole life barefoot.  But especially at home, I don’t even wear socks ever.  Is this why he thought I needed them, or is he just tired of seeing my feet?  Well for this last one, something came up and I’m currently using them.  I got some sort of split on my heel, it looks and feels like a paper cut, and is incredibly painful to walk on.  These slippers have memory foam soles, and provide some cushioning at least.  I’m only wearing them until I heal however, so I really hope my hubby doesn’t think I’ve had a change of heart lol!


    I feel with thoughtless gifts, it’s almost sort of an insult.  I’d rather someone not get me something, if you’re supposed to be close to me and know me really well then I’d think you should be able to know what my tastes are.  I feel I’m not a difficult person to shop for at all.  But it’s like, I feel when someone gives me something really terrible that they obviously put zero thought into, it’s like they think I’m just supposed to fawn over them for giving me anything, if I’m making sense?

    How do you feel about bad gifts?  Ever had anything really horrible?


    Oh dear, I have to say that I used to get terrible gifts all the time.. It wasnt an intentional thing but even though I would tell people that Im allergic to many if not most bath products and cosmetics I would get bath sets every year.

    I always accepted gifts in the spirit they were given and just put them in a store cupboard to be re-gifted via one of my children ( boys are terrible at remembering birthdays etc) or given to charity..

    My mum sometimes says shes sent me something nice and it turns out to be a sparkley “thing” candle holder, ornament or other dust catcher. Its not that she doesnt think its just that we have very different lives.. This year she asked what Id like and so I asked for a book  ..Easy for her and exactly what I wanted.

    When I was in my early 20’s my mother in law bought me a beautiful handbag… or at least it would have been if I liked the sort the queen uses! Luckily she also gave me the receipt so I was able to exchange it.

    I dont think anyone has ever given me anything with malice in thought,  unlike one lady who I remember telling us she had received a ‘soap on a rope’which had obviously been used and even had a stray hair on it .yuk

    or another who received a wrapped box of chocolates but when she opened them she found all her mother in laws favourites were missing.. !


    Oh dear!  That soap on a rope thing made me laugh sadly, that’s gotta be the WORST present ever!

    I don’t feel I’ve ever been given a present in malice, but I do get annoyed by utter thoughtlessness.  I put so much effort into gift-giving, and I just think when it’s someone close to you they should at least know what you do and don’t like, right?

    I love your comment about “dust catchers!” I’ve never heard that one before, I’ll have to remember it 🙂

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    “Dust catchers?” – It’s a common term here lol. I have had some pretty poor presents in the past. Nothing really too bad but there have been some things that I have never used. I know that it is complicated to choose presents for lots of people at the same time.  I think the only things I have received which were secondhand have been old art equipment and the odd ornement. They have really been some of the better presents.


    I have gotten unusual presents: like a toy remote control tarantula and a toy T-Rex. Now – I should’ve hated them – but I love them! I love spiders and the T-Rex is rather cool.

    As for other gifts: I’ve never received terrible presents at this stage in my life. I’ve been happy with every gift. I always wear the shoes and jewellery I’m given. All that gubbins.

    That soap-on-a-rope is disgusting: I hope you told the person who gave you it that. I’d’ve been furious and thrown is away as soon as I saw my eyes on it. If they couldn’t be bothered to buy you anything, they should’ve not bothered at all. YUCK.


    When my husband turned 60 two years ago.. My kids and their OH’s came round and decorated the outside of the house while we were walking the dogs.. Big banners with huge number 60 printed on them flags and balloons and a notice saying Honk for this old man with his photo on it..

    In pride of place on the driveway a rollator ! of course he laughed but said ‘Im not that old yet’ and stored it away in the loft well he has just gone through his knee again , his walking stick wasnt helping so we bought down the rollator and its proved to be worth its weight in gold helping him to keep the strain off that knee and not put too much strain on his wrists like the stick did…

    Sometimes strange or odd gifts just havent reached you at the right time..

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