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    This is one of my huge pet peeves as back in high school one of my classmates lost there life and also took the lives of 3 innocent family members because they had to text while drive. I don’t understand why a text cannot wait until the driving is over or you can pull over safely.

    What is your stance on this?


    I wish cell phone companies would disable service when your phone is moving faster than like 2 mph or something.

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    i never drove but always tell anyone i travel with not use phone when driving because i am precious and want stay alive

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    The senselessness of it all!  Don’t people talk to anyone anymore?!  IMO, it’s lot more efficient…and with all the hands-free technology out there, why not use it?

    People are truly addicted if they cannot possibly wait to return a text.

    I like Mamie’s idea; but, what about passengers?  What if my passenger or myself need to call 911 if we’re being followed/stalked by someone?

    I don’t know that the cell phone companies can disable just the texting service…well, maybe the big guys can on their subsidized phones.  But, what about phones like mine that are unlocked?  Then, there’s the passenger angle, again.

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    I have trouble texting without driving at the same time. No chance!

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    i answer text messages very slowly like at least three days later. i get very upset with lovers that text me usually never respond. they will call or personally visit me after realizing i am mad at them for texting me.

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    I would advise someone NEVER to text when driving. People have been killed because of it; as we all realize on here. If I were in a car with someone and they were about to use their phone, I would urge them not to. It is dangerous and accidents can be avoided when a mobile phone is not used.

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