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The big bang

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    Were any of you worried about this atall? Do you think the “end of the world is upon us”? Or are people worrying about nothing. My son was obivously a bit worried because he said to his dad yesterday: “Dad are we all going to die tomorow”?
    I mean is this experiment even necessary? What are your thoughts.


    I wasn’t worried at all

    Apparently papers are now saying it will be the 21st October that it will all happen

    They weren’t right first time, so they think a little more scaremongering is in order?

    I dunno why papers are allowed to print half the stuff they do tbh. :-/

    As for the experiment – scientists area always looking for new things to explore. If it’s important to them, then on they go, I have no real interest in it though.


    Boy, I have lost track of all the predicted dates of the end of the world. Imagine if I listened to them – this site never would have been launched, and I may have even been forced to sell my yacht! 😉


    From what I understand, it is an important research experiment and should teach us things that will be revolutionary to our understanding of the universe – therefore it is well worth doing. Glad I don’t like near it though!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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