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The cute anesthesiologist

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    Hi everyone,

    I just wanted to get a second opinion about whether this guy likes me or not. I’m not very good at telling these kinds of things but I have 2 people that seem to think he likes me.

    I work in a hospital pharmacy, specifically in the  operating room and I am really starting to like this anesthesiologist resident. Our interactions are few and far between because I don’t  know his schedule and we only really interact in the hallways. But even then I’ve noticed possible signs of interest.

    We have a candy bucket at the pharmacy window and one day he kept coming back multiple times for chocolate when I was working. I joked with him about it and it led to us saying we would bring

    Chocolate for each other since we love chocolate so much. We have exchanged chocolate a few times and joke about our mutual passion for chocolate. This went on for a few months.

    Like I said, our interactions are not often and it usually ends up being when we happen to run into each other in the hallway of the hospital somewhere. He always seems so eager to say hi to me and always brings up chocolate.

    There was a day when we passed each other in the hall and he was with a group of other doctors and he kind of locked on to me and said hi as I passed, and as I walked past him he purposely moved his arm a bit and brushed it up against mine. It was electrifying to me and I know it wasn’t accident, but I wonder if it’s harmless.

    We recently were able to finally have a conversation together and it was so energized and I felt so happy to be talking to him and he kept saying how nice I am for always bringing him chocolate (keep in mind it’s always a little fun sized chocolate, nothing special) and that he owes me chocolate in return. He asked me about what I’m studying in school and excitedly said how cool he thought it was. He again said how nice of a person I am and we chatted a bit about what he’s been up to and got to know each other a bit.

    Now this wouldn’t seem any different than any other acquaintance but I feel that it is different. This guy doesn’t interact with anyone else in my pharmacy (2 or 3 other women) and my friend always points out that he’s only ever interested in talking to me and he will sometimes look for me when I’m not there. When I am there, he definitely talks to me and only me and brings me chocolate, even if it’s something small and quick in between working.

    Ive caught him glancing at my name tag to find out my name and glancing at me from a distance when I’m working.


    Im not sure how to proceed with this since I’m not sure that he likes me, but I have a good feeling about it. Our interactions are short and quick but always positive and I would like some advice on what to do next because he’s really cute and extremely nice to me! Any input is appreciated! 🙂










    Are there any rules on dating coworkers? If not maybe ask him out for coffee if you like him!?


    Did you ask him out in the end, morningmoon? We’d like an update! I wouldn’t feel shy: since he’s cute, you’ve got nothing to be worried about. And you must be cute, too! Believe you’re as good as him and bite the bullet.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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