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    I am doing research on the ideal gift for women. I am therefore looking for female participants to complete my survey. It will no longer take than 3 minutes. (avg. time on survey monkey is 2:58 min). Your participation would really mean a lot to me. If you have no time or you would like to share extra comments/tips/feedback, please do so as a comment in this thread.

    Why this question?

    I think it is an understatement to say that women are much better at giving gifts compared to men. Therefore, I would like to write an article for men on how they could step up their gift giving skills and hopefully happily surprise a lot of women this Xmas period.

    Thanks a lot in advance!

    PS: currently I gathered the opinion of 115 women, but in order to have statistical significance I need at least a 1000.. so please feel free to share my request to your friends and family members or on social media



    I can honestly say this would really depend on the woman.

    A friend of my OH bought his wife a citrus juicer for her birthday.. OH laughed and in front of the guy said to me tell him what would you do if I got you a juicer for your birthday…

    I told him ‘I would shove your head in it’

    Not because its not a handy gift ( if you like juice) but it isnt a personal gift , giving a woman kitchen gadgets is like giving a mechanic a set of spanners.. Its not thoughtful or personal or loving or showing any feeling or sentimentality. IF we are the homemaker then basically you are saying here are some extra tools for you.

    To take time about choosing a gift spending a little extra personal effort insted of just money is one of the best things in my opinion but thats just me.. Im not a gym fan so gym memebership would be wasted but say you knew your loved one had a much loved gym memebrship at a budget price (because they couldnt afford the  best) and you could upgrade for them, thats thoughtful.

    To arrange a night out including babysitter for a stressed mum is thoughtful.

    Arranging to bring a relative to stay  that they really wanted to see but hadnt be able to is thoughtful..


    Gift giving is about observing and noticing what the the person loves to do, what they enjoy, and then finding a gift to suit.


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    Dear Cassandra,

    Thanks a lot for your extensive reply. This is very helpful feedback!

    Do you perhaps know how I could share my question with more women? I do not want to break the rules of the moderators and post this question in another board.. and since I am new on this forum I have no idea where to start…

    I would really like to gather as much female input on this topic as possible, so I am committed to go the extra mile, however I also do not want to intrude in other discussions.

    Thanks a million for your help!

    Kind regards,



    I completed the survey yesterday.  I agree that it differs from woman to woman.

    To me, things like perfume, lingerie, clothes and jewelry are very personal.  I know what I like, and I buy these things for myself.  Call me insensitive or a bore, but my hubby and I don’t exchange gifts.  We usually exchange witty cards and go out to dinner at an exclusive restaurant (meaning, not a chain).  If we can’t make it out, I prepare his favorite dish.

    This is the card I bought him for our anniversary on 10/6.  LOL


    Related image

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    We are a little between Cassandra and Test’s replies (and the card lol). Yes women are all different. To me it is often those silly little things which are important. These differ between women, but show more feeling than something expensive or trying to impress. I love to get home made gifts.

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    Dear Test & Jen,

    Thanks a lot for your feedback. As I mentioned earlier, it is extremely valuable for me and it looks indeed that it will be different for every women as this is already clear from the 3 answers in this post.

    Therefore, every other opinion is greatly appreciated as it will help me a lot with my research.

    PS: feel free to complete the survey, current number of respondents is 135. A big thank you to all whom already completed it.

    Kind regards,



    I already did complete


    I like quirky gifts: my sister bought me a rubber spider. This seems odd but I love spiders and was really pleased! My sister also bought me a dinosaur egg. Weird but utterly cool.

    I think women love magazine subscriptions, gift vouchers for Victoria’s Secret or Bravissimo. Gift vouchers seem impersonal but I do think they allow the woman to choose her own gift. At least then she will use what is bought.

    Anyhow, I haven’t completed the survey, but will get to it.


    Hi, I think a gift for a lady from a spouse should be thoughtful and tie in with what she likes but does not have, a man should pick up clues along the way and when a birthday comes or anniversary go that extra mile. If hubby buys me something like but wish I had  I will give him a special reward if you know what I mean.

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    This is where men and women differ.. I was in Germany shopping yesterday and I saw a great birthday card for hubby …Its  black and white looks drawn and its an old motorcycle with all the parts labeled really nicely done and the sort of thing you could easily imagine sitting in a frame…

    So I bought it.. His birthday is in JULY !!

    how many men would think to plan that far ahead?

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    Guys don’t plan ahead that is why we are the superior sex as we can out think them lol.

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    Women are definitely the superior sex, mikki!

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