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    How did we manage before the internet? It’s such a huge part of peoples lives now, that I don’t think anyone could imagine life without it. I mean……..could you imagine having to actually WRITE a letter instead of sending an email? Could you imagine your kids having to go to the library and look something up in a book, rather than use the net?

    And what about social networking? I don’t use such things, but many people do. Would you be able cope without it for say 2 weeks or a month? Could you manage without a daily *tweet*?

    The net wasn’t invented when I was a kid, and neither were mobile phones, yet you get some people who are glued to them, and text constantly. You see people wandering around with a phone glued to their ear whilst they are shopping in tescos. Could you cope without it


    I struggle to remember how I coped as a teenager in the 90’s….I ceratainly don’t think todays teens would manage if we suddenly lost all modern communication methods. Some of them are GLUED to their phones!!

    I woudl say I could manage without the internet but I don’t think I could. Not because I want to update my status (lol) but because I do my banking online and a lot of work contact is through email.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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