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The news story you WONT see

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    Today Sept 10th is world suicide prevention day. With reports from all over the world that suicide rates are up since covid lockdown came in I think its important to mention yet it wont be on any news report you see today.
    I bet most people have never heard of this day.. Yet suicide is one of the biggest killers around.
    Every year world wide 1 million people commit suicide, thats 3,000 a day or one every 40 seconds.
    So why is it you never see anyone with a collection tin for research into the reasons for suicide or to help the families, why don’t you see people wearing a ribbon or badge to mark the day?
    Did you know that more than half of all violent deaths in the world are suicide.
    In the USA alone each year 32,000 people commit suicide. Thats 10 times more than the total number of deaths in 9/11.
    In the UK each year its over 3,500, to give you a scale, in 2018 only 2,946 died in road deaths.
    These statistics are from the AFSP and SMHAI
    I don’t intend to take anything away from those events I use them simply to show the scale involved. And world Suicide prevention day is sept 10th so it gets overshadowed by 9/11 memorials.
    By now you are wondering what this has to do with you.. Because things like suicide happen to other people , not to nice ordinary people ,not to nice normal familes….
    But it does and it can,  and in the short time its taken you to read this post another person has decided that they would rather take their own life than face another day…..
    Please take a moment to remember them.
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    My best friend, Vicky, has threatened suicide.

    At a hard time in my life – years ago – I wondered what would happen if I died. Of course I won’t kill myself, but do wonder about taking such a drastic measure to heal the pain. Because I can understand the hurt and wanting to be free of upset. Because life can be upsetting. And it seems so often people have such little sympathy. They often say “man up” or “grow a pair”. Or even that suicide is a coward’s way out. But it isn’t cowardly. Years ago it was thought people who committed suicide went to hell: hence why they weren’t allowed to be buried in a graveyard. That attitude should have been gone by the 21st century.

    I read an article in “Good Housekeeping” magazine about a mum who lost her son to suicide. Dom was bullied at school and in young adulthood. He couldn’t deal with it and didn’t know how to stop the bullies, so he killed himself. There is no way any god would’ve put him in hell.

    Anyhow, suicide does happen and we all need to acknowledge it and realize it doesn’t make someone weak. It is devastating and we need to start preventing it.


    Obviously Ive seen the aftermath up close so to speak but yes it can affect people of all kinds.

    The reason its still so taboo is because religion forbids it so in countries like Spain and Ireland it tends to be brushed under the rug and in the UK until 1961 it was against the law to kill yourself.. If you survived an attempt you could be thrown in jail or the mental hospital.

    In very early times the person would be buried at a crossroads without pray or mourners and their family would be stripped of their belongings as punishment!

    No wonder people didnt mention it..


    This reminds me a bit of work. Occasionally someone who was terminally ill did talk about suicide. It’s the sort of subject I wasn’t qualified for but can be handled with understanding. Besides anything else I would advise anyone to be ready to talk to someone in an heavily depressed state.


    On a side note, I just selected Suicide Crisis as my charity for UK’s AmazonSmile (smile.amazon.co.uk).  In case you haven’t heard of Smile, Amazon donates .5% of all your purchases to the charity of your choice.  That can really add up if you purchase a lot from Amazon and others choose the same charity.  For instance, in the US, I chose the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) International.  I just received the following notification from them:

    This is your quarterly AmazonSmile donation notification to inform you that JDRF International received a new donation of $38,408.30.

    Thanks to customers shopping at AmazonSmile, everyday purchases generated over $200 million in donations to charities worldwide so far.

    See AmazonSmile’s impact to date:

    • $541,631.99 to JDRF International
    • $198,636,544.70 to all charities in the US
    • $215,721,458.97 to all charities worldwide

    That’s a lot of coin!


    @TestDummyC I think thats a great idea.. I didnt even know you could do that so I will look out for it on my next Amazon order,, Thanks for the tip.


    I have lost someone to suicide and it was a massive shock


    I won’t go in to to much detail, I’lll just say this woman was very young and showed no indication that she was going to do it (she did have a mental health condition though, BPD)


    @emily91 Im sorry for your loss.

    Sadly to say BPD is a huge factor in suicide and some of the medications actually can contribute to suicidal feelings in the early days of usage which is why people using them need to be closly monitored.

    Sadly its often the people who say nothing, seem fine, appear to be coping who do this without warning, maybe because they honestly believe no one wants to help them.

    But I think it proves there is no easy way to identify someone who feels as if the world will be better off without them in it,


    thank you casandra. her name was bethany and she was my best friend ever (I never found anyone quite like it). I just hope that she doesn’t have any regrets… well guess I’ll never know.


    anyway, re your point: I agree 100 percent with what you said. I also think that doctors (at least doctors over here in the UK) need to be les rushed when it comes to patients and their conditions.


    I find that if you’re in real distress (like you’re going to harm yourself or something as soon as you leave the surgery) they will act.


    but if not, it’s thank you, next.


    but it’s hard at the same time as some people hide it really well


    bethany did. at her lowest points she would talk about it, but people were always able to talk her round


    I am sad for you and everyone who loved – and still love – your close friend, Bethany.

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