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    So I was having coffee at an airport coffee shop when I noticed a handsome chap sitting across from me. Naturally I wished to attract his attention- but how? Then I noticed- I was already doing that- I was dangling my shoe. We ll all do that specially when wearing heels. I think its a flirtation.


    I think you’re right: it is a flirty move, make no mistake. Is there any chance of bumping into him again? I’m not suggesting you should be a stalker, but maybe you could find out who he is. I don’t know how you’d do that, though! Maybe Facebook?


    Probably not Kat- he was going one way and I was going another. I think it was just pre-programmed instinct that led me to flirt. Unavoidable.  I shall use this move again at the next opportunity.


    If it works, why not use your flirty move again!

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    So, what kind of moves do you make Kat?


    Ah the shoe dangle that does get some attention, if you combine that with teasing your hair and a casual glance if he is interested you will know it.


    Yes, that’s another one mikki- the one-handed hair tease. Maybe also adjusting your skirt. We might be giving the younger girls some valuable advice.

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    Hi Rhonda, I don’t think they need it from what I have seen, I was more coy when I was strutting my stuff in those short skirts. lol

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    You are right- they could give us lessons. By the way, since you appreciate fine hosery,  check out website Secrets in Lace and have your credit card handy. I buy most of my good stuff from them. They also have a bullet bra that I’m very interested in.

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    Thanks for that I will give it a try, is it the same type of bullet bra Madonna wore so sexily? My boobies may not be up to it !

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    Hi Rhonda, I have checked out Secrets in Lace and wow lovely ! I think I will treat myself to the pretty pink babydoll set. That should give hubby a treat !!!!!! Kisses thanks

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    Hi Mikki; Well I ordered the white satin bullet bra and the garter belt as well. I want to wear the bra under a white cashmere sweater and I also have a white satin blouse that will be smashing over the bullet bra. I think I can get by without the pointy pads- I think I’m pointy enough. I’ll look like Jane Russell or MM.

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    You are lucky mine are more rounded perhaps I should get a bullet bra as well, hubby would definitely love that. Who knows an early night on the cards. x


    Hi again just wanted to say I love the satin blouse in your picture. x

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    Buy the bra Mikki. The girls in the 40’s and 50’s all knew how they attract masculine attention.

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