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The Slow Loris

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    I got this from a friend:

    I dont know about you ladies but I have been seeing a lot of these ‘cute’ video clips on facebook of people with an animal called a slow loris, mostly from Japan and one from Russia.

    Now I really want the spread of this stopped. The cute videos dont tell the truth and the pain behind the scenes.. So please if you have time share this link on your FB page and ask people to stop the spread of these videos which are giving animal traffickers a free advertisment for their cruel and often illegal trade.
    Please help spread the truth behind the ‘cute ‘videos.

    >>>>>click here for the link<<<<<<


    Cherry the link wont open for me


    Will do..

    Lauren you will have to note the site address first then type it in…


    I’ve never heard of those before now Cherry, they are so cute, the poor llittle things, I’m not on FB but the kids are ,so I will pass the link onto them, it is absolutely terrible the way animals are treated, I can hardly stand it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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