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    I dont normally get winter depression (SAD) but this year is an exception  and I think the strange weather is partly to blame. Since around Christmas time its been so grey and dismal .. Normally we see the sunrise and at night the stars and moon but for the last month its been just a grey miserable blanket of light mist and drizzle..

    I dont think I realised how much I loved seeing the sky until now. Its really starting to get me down now. Even during the day a flash is needed to take any decent photos its awful..

    I know I shouldnt be moaning considering how Australia is burning and Spain has had floods but  it really is getting me down.

    Is anyone else having trouble with this?


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    I actually love cold, dark days: strange but true. There is a nostalgia in autumn and winter. I feel a romance in the air at this time of year. It is almost like a storybook: where people are characters, living out dramas in the cold weather.

    As you can tell, I have never suffered from SAD. It is very real, I understand, though. But – for me – summer is sweaty; there are ants; AND you have to shower twice a day. Plus, there’s hayfever. I do not wish for summer. The cold is more pleasant to me. I love short days and the fresh, crisp air.

    I realize this sounds a bit romantic, but that is how I see autumn and winter. Again, I don’t love summer.

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    Don’t get me wrong I love the winter normally but this strange mild misty greyness is like being smothered by an old damp blanket.. frosty days crisp days even a thunderstorm are weather phenomenon to enjoy but grey dampness is just depressing..

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    I think I am quite similar Cassandra and, I think have mentioned I walk to suppress depression. I used to look forward to bright sunny Januaries which we no longer have.  At least the days are getting longer now.

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    I think I am quite similar Cassandra and, I think have mentioned I walk to suppress depression. I used to look forward to bright sunny Januaries which we no longer have. At least the days are getting longer now.

    Exactly. bright crisp days  even if its cold you can dress for it.. I love taking photos and try to make the best of any situation but this is just so murky ..The photos below are from Jan… last year snow and a lovely adventure tracking deer and otters by their prints and this year damp and grey


    You’ve got a point there, cassandra.

    I suppose when indoors it is romantic to be in autumn and winter. But the reality is not quite as nostalgic!


    Spring is my favorite season … I like when the weather’s getting a bit warmer, the days are getting longer, and life is growing all around you.  Fall goes by too quickly here, and you know winter is coming right around the corner.  I don’t hate winter, but there’s so much snow here you can often feel trapped, it’s too dangerous to just go out all the time and sometimes plans easily get ruined by weather.

    I totally get that romantic feeling you’re talking about Kitty, but I feel it’s moreso for me when it’s sunny out in fall.  I love that autumn smell, and the colors, and the crisp air, but I need the sun to really feel my spirits up.

    I suffer from SAD pretty badly, and I use one of those light therapy lamps this time of year.  It really helps me!  I used to live in a place where it was pretty much always sunny, so it’s hard here sometimes when it’s so dark.  And it’ll be dark for so long!  I need to see a blue sky, it just does so much for me and for my spirit.


    I suffer from SAD syndrome every year around Autumn as the days get shorter and the cold weather kicks in. Still this year I bought a lovely long Winter coat in teal blue and it lifts my mood when venturing out to go to the town.

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