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    Just for fun..  what big changes have you seen in your lifetime?



    Of course the coming of the internet but I was thinking of smaller things people dont always think of ..

    Colour Tv when I was a child colour TV was expensive and the sets overheated very easily. So most people had black and white.

    Many people still listened to the radio or wireless as they called it..

    Money , when I was born there was still the old decimal money pounds shillings and pence now I’ve seen that give way to the new English currency and Ive been through the Dutch change from Guilders to the Euro.

    Door to door salesmen ,not just the ones selling books or brushes . I grew up in London and remember the fish van on Fridays, the baker with a big tray of buns and bread carried on his head the rag and bone man who would give you a goldfish for a bundle of rags, the coal man and the parrafin man. Nowadays you never see these kinds of people’..

    The chimney sweep ! they used to scare me as a child, their  faces all black and bright eyes peeping out at you …

    What not so obvious things have changed in your lifetime?


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    I was just thinking about this a couple of days ago!  Oh, the things one mulls over when sitting on the throne…

    I remember facial tissues and toilet pap;er coming in different colors/patterns in green, yellow, pink and blue…to match bathroom decor.  Now, everything is white.  Paper towels came with colored patterns as well.  I think, they were the last holdouts.



    Today’s youth aren’t the consumers of my generation and the generations before.  They prefer to have experiences vs. “stuff.”



    Years ago (early ’80s?), people thought Bill Gates was crazy when he said that we would all own hand-held computers.


    Furnishings have changed as well…

    In 2000, I bought an expensive wall unit that housed up to a 36-inch CRT and had rearrange-able storage (pull-out racks) to accommodate CDs/DVDs and cassette tapes.  When my ex and I separated in 2004, I had a hard time finding a LCD to fit into it.  Now, the wall unit is obsolete because today’s audio/video formats are all digital…I didn’t own many DVDs, anyhow.  Televisions are also much larger now.  When we undergo our remodel in the next couple of years, I’ll have digitized all my music, knocked out the wall against which the unit (11.5 x 7.5 feet) currently stands, and bought a all new equipment to put on another (shorter) wall.

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    @TestDummyC  I remember the coloured toilet paper… When we moved to NL they only had white and I know at least one expat Brit who asked all visitors to bring a particualr brand of paper with them in her favourite shade!


    As for decorating the awful harsh colours of the 1980s are gone and more muted shades are in although Ive seen a return of the awful retro 1970s wall paper that makes your head spin



    Yes I have seen lots of changes too! I remember a time when we had no TV, only the wireless. TV’s were expensive. Colou TV was totally out of the question but, when we finally got one, we bought rather than rented. TV rental was big years ago.

    I do feel a little sad about the pounds, shillings and pence. I am becoming more alone now in understanding the system but, when I look in history books of centuries ago, I am happy that I can understand them. I bought some old (1940’s) mini reference books at a book sale in a local church at the weekend. It’s interesting looking through and seeing things even before me.  Many people know that 4 inches is one hand but 3 inches being a palm? Or even 3 Barleycorns to the inch? Or even for Holland – a Dutch Ure being equivalent to English 3 miles 806 yards?

    I am digressing a little but it is satisfying, but also worrying to some extent, when I remember seeing ‘Star Trek’ on the TV with their hand held computers that told all, and now seeing them in use everywhere. The worry comes when I think of George Orwell, one of my favourite authors, and ‘1984’. I could see it coming and it is coming true. Cameras everywhere and almost to the stage of even thinking politically incorrect thoughts brings retribution. We could laugh at ourselves but even that may not be allowed. I don’t know what is worseeither  – fake news or harrassment by the press – legalised predjudice!

    Anyway, on a gentler note, there are still a few delivery men around here Cassandra. Not quite the same as in previous days as you portray. These days it is more a case of pre-ordering I think. The supemarkets have really replaced that business with online ordering for delivery. Not quite the same thing. I used to love going out the the fish van or mobile grocer to see their wares. I suppose the ‘Avon Lady’ could count except for the fact that they use a catalog, not a suitcase.

    I remember that type of wallpaper. I have not heard of it coming back. Most people avoid wallpaper now as it can be a big problem when needing to change or revert back to painted walls. I do think it can be much prettier than plain walls though.


    I remember those old, massive TVs of the 1980’s. My mother had one and it was a monstrosity. In later years – when channel 5 was introduced – everyone at school was debating whether it was a good idea. Now we have 100’s of channels and massive colour TVs.

    I also remember the cars of the 80’s and 90’s. They look ancient now. Nowadays with all the safety features of the car and having petrol now to be electric. I feel safer in these modern cars. I also remember when they did the crash test dummy experiments to advise car companies to add seatbelts. I saw videos of those tests. In fact, my sister’s close friend at school went flying through a car windscreen: yes, really. Truly horrifying. Nowadays it is law to have seatbelts and – if the car company did not put them in – they would be prosecuted.

    I also remember Star Trek, where they had touch screens: well, we have touch screens now. We also have the microchip. There are just so many inventions that technology has advanced the world dramatically. We know so much more about science, too.

    I love living in the 21st century. And – of course – Facebook.


    Also, CDs becoming obsolete and books being sold as eReaders. iPads and the Kindle have mostly replaced physical books. Personally, though, I still read paperbacks: I should just read from a Kindle, but I love the feel of an actual book. Hence why I still use my library on a regular basis.

    As for CDs: I still listen to the ones I’ve got but refuse to buy any more. I shall be downloading albums from the Internet now. DVDs I want to replace with a TV film service . No: everything is digital and I shall continue to move with the times.


    As part spring clean and part letting go of the past I have sorted out cd’s and books . This week Im donating over 100cd’s and a huge shopper full of books I wont read again to our re-cycle shop.  Ive  kept just a few favourite albums .. I cant read for long via a screen so real books are a must for me but I buy via the re-cycle shop and unless its a book from a series I will read again I redonate it.

    I have Netflix and film1 on cable so I never buy dvds and rarely go to the cinema these days…


    Do you remember “Be kind, please rewind?” XD  We had a machine that you put your movie in, and it rewinds it for you.

    I miss going with my family to Blockbuster, and looking at the VHS movies, and deciding what we’re going to get to watch tonight.  You had the whole walls of new movies out, and you’d hope they’d have in stock what you wanted to see.  And sometimes fighting with your sister because she wants some terrible film lol XD

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    I remember those days all too well, Mamie! I remember I really wanted to watch “Hellraiser: Bloodline”, so I ran to the video shop and rented it out. Then I ran home and watched it on my dad’s VHS player. I also remember renting out other horror films and watching them in my dad’s living room, while he was at work. Nowadays it’s DVDs or Netflix*. I do think DVDs will always be around, but for people with more money, Netflix is used far more often. They do rent DVDs out at my local library, though: because not all people have a film streaming service.

    Anyhow, that’s my penny’s worth!

    *which is what I meant when I forgot the name of the TV film service.


    We still have a VHS player, as well as CD. I would like to think it was still used but obviously it isn’t much. It would be a good time to get videos as they are almost given away and often just scrapped now. They would gather up the dust though. We do get DVD’s from the library. We see no point in a streaming service when there are so many options for catchup with BBC iPlayer and similar online


    I agree about borrowing DVDs from the library, as video shops are obsolete now. To be honest, I don’t have time to watch DVD after DVD: I often am busy. No one person can sit and watch ALL the DVDs/TV programmes they want in a short space of time. The TV is great, but I have to cook dinner. That DVD is awesome, but my close friend has just telephoned me… the list goes on. NO ONE has the time to watch all these films and television when they’ve got a life and things to do. Now, I do enjoy films and the suchlike, but it has to be at the right times of the night. Plus, watching TV is lonely, when you could be out at a social club or disco or restaurant. These film people really want you to watch their films, but they don’t seem to realize people have a life and need to work and play.


    I remember the baker with his tray  lovely crusty bread, watching STAR TREK on the little black and white tv in the cold spare room. Not having our own phone and standing in a call box talking to my boyfriend for ages, pretty little dresses and those jelly sandals  for the beach. Everyone seemed more polite then and time seemed to pass more slowly. Posters on my wall of cute popstars and queuing up to buy the latest single in my rather old fashioned music shop.


    Before streaming and downloading dialling 160 dial a disc…(uk only) or dialling 100 (operator) and yelling get off the lone a train is coming.. oh we thought we were so funny…


    I remember those old phone boxes. I used to love taking a massive purse of pound coins and dialing in a scratchcard number to see what prizes I’d won. Of course, I only ever won $10 and that was worth the phone charge in total.

    Nostalgic days.


    The rise of feminism, leading thankfully closer to gender equality. There’s still a LONG way to go, but things are better for us than they were for females of other generations.

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