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    Its getting time to seriously think about gifts for the holiday season if you havent already been planning..

    Today I have one gift arriving for OH and one for my mum ..OH’s is a tshirt with a photo of our dog on it and for my mum who I dont see very often Ive made a photo calender with 12 photos that Ive taken of where we live and of us out and about.

    In the next couple of weeks I will be out and about collecting the last few things for my gift boxes. My granddaughter is gettign an I-spy kit, Ive got some nature spotting books and a backpack plus a pair of lightweight binoculars (shes only 9) I’ll include a note pad and some pencils so she can jot things down or drawn what shes seen. Her mum said no more barbie or fluffy toys please so I thought this might be a nice hobby gift that will keep her busy..


    Do you all plan ahead or just send gift vouchers esp for those who are further away?

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    I remined myself a couple of days ago as our art group Christmas Dinner is due in around a month. We have a secret Santa in which we draw names then make a personalised Christmas card for who we choose. I have made a start in getting a plan together with a few reference photos. Your photo calendar is a brilliant idea Cassandra. I am not sure about Christmas, but my mum would probably love a few photos of where we used to live and other old memories. I will give it some thought, thank you.

    For my son who lives on the Isle of Wight, I am not sure. I would normally send a present, rather than give cards, although we did send him and his wife a cinema gift card last year. This year the baby should have just been born so things are, and probably will be, a bit uncertain.


    What about gifts for Men?  I have a number of men that I have to buy for and I agonize every year over this.  My dad has everything he wants, my husband has no hobbies and extended family gifts for men.  I am already running empty on ideas for the upcoming holidays!


    People who have everything they want and those who have no fixed hobby can be a nightmare.

    Im one of them!! Last year OH adopted a goat and a deer in my name for my birthday. He knows I love goats.

    One year I got him a brew your own beer kit which has blossomed into a full time hobby and last year I got him a grow your own muchroom kit which I have to admit wasnt quite such a success but he had fun with it anyway. The thing is to think outside the box a bit think experience or a quirky gift they would never think of buying for themselves.


    I have also begun my Christmas shopping. I am picking items up as & when I go into the shops. Basically, if it is there, I will buy it. I do love this time of year.

    Although I did not get this item for Christmas, I thought I would share it with you guys. My dad bought me a dinosaur egg. Weird but true! I love quirky presents. I suppose because I am a quirky person!

    I would like technology for Christmas. I love gadgets and anything that is technology, basically.

    That’s me!

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    My fiance loves comic books, and he collects figurines and such, so my major gift is I bought him this statue thingy of Thanos from Avengers, it was rather expensive and has added meaning because I first met him at that movie.  I have a few smaller gifts for him, like a bottle of bourbon I know he likes, some comic book anthology things, some shot glasses, and some accessories and gadgets I think he’ll like.

    For my baby brother I bought a few cardboard cutout characters he likes, he loves those things and he keeps them for years.

    For my future mother-in-law I bought her a set of scented candles, I know she can’t get enough of those, and it feels appropriate for me.

    I bought my fiance’s brother some action figures, he likes those kinds of toys.

    I’m giving each of my nieces a large LEGO set, all three just love those and they can play together, I almost always give them LEGO because my sister and her husband don’t have a lot of extra money and those are really expensive in Canada.

    I don’t trade gifts with my sister or my parents.

    I have a coworker I always exchange gifts with, I got him a Game of Thrones goblet thingy this year, he and I almost always give each other Game of Thrones gifts, lol!

    I like to do a lot of my shopping on ThinkGeek, you can find all sorts of crazy things there.  For men I’ve found you usually can’t go wrong with alcohol if you know he drinks, like an expensive bottle of whiskey or something always seems appreciated whenever I’ve given one.

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    Those are wonderful gifts, Mamie! Your list has inspired me. Of course I have done some Christmas shopping: I get it done well before Christmas Eve. I do love this time of year.

    Anyhow, you’re very generous and I am sure they’ll love their gifts. They’re certainly well thought out.


    I just have presents to wrap.


    I am now wrapping and boxing gifts, I like to used different paper for each of my grandchildren so that they know which gifts are theirs and it personalises the gifts even more.

    They have an outfit each (I like to buy a Christmas outfit for them) and for my grandson some very basic ABC and learning colours books plus playdoh with cutters in letter and number form to help him learn ABC and counting. Hes 7 but severely autistic.

    For my granddaughter who will be 9 some nature books, a jotter book and pencils and a pair of junior national geographic binoculars so that when she is out and about at the beach or in one of the wonderful national parks where she lives she can have fun spotting wildlife.

    My mum who lives in London will get a food parcel ! Not because of brexit but because she loves Dutch and German Christmas foods that are hard to get in London. Lebkuchen, peperkoeken, stoofperen,kerststollen and stroopwafels to name a few. Im also including the calender I made with all our photos on it. Today Im finishing the Christmas cards so they can all be sent out too..

    I think Im almost done..

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    I’m thinking of a gift for me. Like these Christian Louboutin heels, 120mm and they come in my size, 11b. Just a beautiful shoe.

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    Those heels are gorgeous, Rhonda333.


    Trufflemania has been full swing at my house this week.  Tomorrow, I will have finished over 650 truffles!

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    I have been wrapping my Christmas presents. I have also put up the tree and done a clear out. However, I lost a load of Christmas cards and have to re-buy them. Annoying.

    Merry Christmas!


    That is really annoying Kitty, especially as you will probably find them just after Christmas.

    Merry Christmas to you and everyone here.


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    I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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