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    Its getting time to seriously think about gifts for the holiday season if you havent already been planning..

    Today I have one gift arriving for OH and one for my mum ..OH’s is a tshirt with a photo of our dog on it and for my mum who I dont see very often Ive made a photo calender with 12 photos that Ive taken of where we live and of us out and about.

    In the next couple of weeks I will be out and about collecting the last few things for my gift boxes. My granddaughter is gettign an I-spy kit, Ive got some nature spotting books and a backpack plus a pair of lightweight binoculars (shes only 9) I’ll include a note pad and some pencils so she can jot things down or drawn what shes seen. Her mum said no more barbie or fluffy toys please so I thought this might be a nice hobby gift that will keep her busy..


    Do you all plan ahead or just send gift vouchers esp for those who are further away?

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    I remined myself a couple of days ago as our art group Christmas Dinner is due in around a month. We have a secret Santa in which we draw names then make a personalised Christmas card for who we choose. I have made a start in getting a plan together with a few reference photos. Your photo calendar is a brilliant idea Cassandra. I am not sure about Christmas, but my mum would probably love a few photos of where we used to live and other old memories. I will give it some thought, thank you.

    For my son who lives on the Isle of Wight, I am not sure. I would normally send a present, rather than give cards, although we did send him and his wife a cinema gift card last year. This year the baby should have just been born so things are, and probably will be, a bit uncertain.


    What about gifts for Men?  I have a number of men that I have to buy for and I agonize every year over this.  My dad has everything he wants, my husband has no hobbies and extended family gifts for men.  I am already running empty on ideas for the upcoming holidays!


    People who have everything they want and those who have no fixed hobby can be a nightmare.

    Im one of them!! Last year OH adopted a goat and a deer in my name for my birthday. He knows I love goats.

    One year I got him a brew your own beer kit which has blossomed into a full time hobby and last year I got him a grow your own muchroom kit which I have to admit wasnt quite such a success but he had fun with it anyway. The thing is to think outside the box a bit think experience or a quirky gift they would never think of buying for themselves.


    I have also begun my Christmas shopping. I am picking items up as & when I go into the shops. Basically, if it is there, I will buy it. I do love this time of year.

    Although I did not get this item for Christmas, I thought I would share it with you guys. My dad bought me a dinosaur egg. Weird but true! I love quirky presents. I suppose because I am a quirky person!

    I would like technology for Christmas. I love gadgets and anything that is technology, basically.

    That’s me!

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