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    I hope you all had a wonderful time. We kept things very simple in fact we had a long walk and a picnic breakfast on Christmas day.

    Our gifts were simple and we have no nasty credit card bill to dread in the new year,, I think that counts as successful.

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    It’s hard to believe the excitement of  Christmas and New Year is over. There was so much anticipation about these events and now: it’s over. At least until the next Christmas.

    Anyhow, I didn’t make many New Year’s resolutions. Although I have decided to travel more and am in the process of throwing away stuff in my apartment, which I have gotten stuck into. It feels great to have much less clutter. I also aesthetically have been changing my home. I am home proud!


    New Year resolutions? I completely forgot about making any lol. I have started the New Year off well, partly because of Christmas lethargy and excess, but mainly by being unfit. I have walked out in the countryside over field / woodland  tracks. I think I am feeling fitter already. I am making the most of the weather as it has been dry most of the time since Christmas.


    I love Christmas, hate New year because it heralds utter madness in NL with fireworks.

    I dont make new year resolutions I aways think they are doomed to fail and we should set ourselves up to succeed not fail.. But if anyone needs motivation to get out and walk … Two lovely scenes from this week, all for free the only thing we had to do was get up and get out..

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    Lovely pictures Cassandra. Living close to the fens here the top one, especically, is interesting because I would not have to travel far at all to come across a similar scene. Although there are a few windmills about they are not common now, and the few there are are often adapted into houses. I know of at least two working ones though, not too far away.

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    @spinningjen  that windmill was built in 1863 and still runs, in fact most windmills here are still used on a regular basis in our constant with the water levels. That one makes sure that the water is kept at a safe level for the surrounding bird sancutary so that ground nesting birds dont find themselves flooded out. You can visit when the flag is flying and even arrange to take a lesson in how to operate the mill.


    Thank you @cassandra . The windmills here are not so essential as they are used purely for grinding grain, and more a tourist attraction. There are various pumping stations on the fens to organise water levels but it is not so much of an issue here. The fen close to me is not the main parts near the Wash  (toward north Norfolk), and I suspect that is far lower, but near me it is still a few feet above sea level. It does get very wet at times though. I have remembered yet another working mill locally. Interestingly the only one I have visited on an open day. It is a water powered mill though. They work pretty much the same for grinding grain.

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