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    Does anyone think time travel will ever be possible? I know it sounds nuts but my husband told me today that apparently time travel is mathematically possible (whatever that means) so do you think it could happen in the future? I have a theory that it isn’t possible because surely if it was someone would have come back from the future to tell us and share the technology with us already?

    *Cue creepy conspiracy music*


    I was going to say maybe they have…but then how would they know the technology unless someone had come back and told them…and how would the people before them have known….etc etc

    Unless it became possible and people were banned from coming back and telling us and therefore altering the course of the future….but all that going back and forward could put your head in a spin……

    It would be cool to see how things were in the past….but it could cause all sorts of trouble unless we could just be onlookers. Ohhh…maybe it’s already happened like that and people are looking at us now…..spookee….


    *Waves to any time travellers that are watching* :coolsmile:


    I read a story once that pointed out a danger of time travel you never think about… Going back 5 minutes is time travel. In the story, there was a device that could look back into any moment in time and it all sounded really cool until you think about that catch. Sure it would be nice to look back at the Egyptians and whatnot but not so cool if people could snoop on what you said 5 minutes ago.

    I think if time travel is possible that it’s probably sufficiently difficult that we will have developed self discipline by the time we develop it. If not, we probably would see signs of people coming back and “fixing” things. I think it’s more likely we would develop a policy of non interference along with it. Though that doesn’t always work for Gallifrey… 😉



    I have always thought that if time travel was ever possible then we would have been visited by time travelers from the future by now even if it was supposed to be a secret someone is bound to mess up eventually. Or maybe we have been visited and they just got locked up for delusions about been from the future.

    They would have to build a time travel machine big enough for the traveler and another machine so the person could travel back too.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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