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    I never used to be like this, even with 3 kids running about and helping OH run his business I had energy to spare .
    Then in 1999 I got ill with a thyroid condition and it seems Ive been tired ever since.
    Even though my condition is stable I still get bouts of terrible tiredness.

    This kind of tiredness is not the kind that can be cured by a nights sleep.
    Let me explain.

    You go to bed and sleep as soon as your head hits the pillow but when the alarm rings at 6.30 you want to cry..It cant have been a whole night already..You drag yourself out of bed and manage to get going.
    But your day revolves around sleep….mobile phones are a godsend here..you can set the alarm on the phone and have a crafty sleep during lunch..Ive been known to cook a casserole 3 days running because I can put it in the oven and have a sleep while it cooks..
    In the past I have fallen asleep , during a meeting at work, in the cinema , in church, in a restaurant between courses, in a pub (while a rock band played) at parties including my own birthday, in airports on trains, while having my tattoo done and even on the loo.
    I just locked myself in during lunch set the alarm on my phone and had 15 mins sleep.
    I can sleep anywhere, regardless of people, noise, surroundings..It gets so I hardly dare go anywhere I have to have a couple of hours sleep before I go out and then like Cinderella I scuttle away before the party really gets going.

    Im not too bad nowadays Ive learned to deal with the worst and I only work part-time so I can get extra sleep if I need to .Plus everyone around me knows about the problem and just ignore me falling asleep all the time.
    Every once in a while I have a bad day though and yesterday was one of them. I know today will not be great either but I only have to work til 12 so I can grab a couple of hours this afternoon.
    Yesterday I got up and walked the dogs, washed the nets curtains and my bed drapes and washed all the downstairs windows (inside) then I went shopping and cooked two dinners one lot for the freezer and one for yesterdays meal.walked the dogs. Then I went to work. After work walk the dogs again and then defrosted and cleaned the freezer and then repacked it all. cleaned up the kitchen and then sat down.
    I fell asleep immediately and woke up at 10pm, I had to walk the dogs but I felt drunk. I staggered down the road and even my right eye was asleep, my vision was blurred as if under water..I came home and drank tea while checking in here but as I couldn’t focus it seemed a bit pointless so I fell into bed and don’t remember anything until the alarm went this morning. Yesterday was a bit busy and I know I pushed myself so its my own fault but the effect is disproportional to the effort expended.

    My head is still fuzzy and feels like a bowling ball this is so like a hangover but without the sickness.

    There’s not really much I can do about it but I wanted to share because I know when someone says they are tired or shattered people just think ‘oh a good nights sleep will set them right’ only for some of us it just isn’t enough.

    I also know that when people look at me they cant see this so they don’t understand when I say I cant because I’m tired it sounds like an excuse honestly, I wish it was but its not, being tired is part of my daily life.


    I don’t know if this is related, but last night I watched a movie called Fat Head. Basically, it associates the obesity epidemic and rise in conditions such as asthma, ADHD, lethargy, etc with the increased consumption of sugar, carbohydrates and trans-fats. The show actually explains how and why fats are good for us, and that the whole concept that we must lower our cholesterol is a myth. The FDA started recommending we increase our intake of grains and carbs (think bread, pasta, cereals) and put them at the foot of the ‘Food Pyramid’ was the time when we started to see obesity rise. The film-maker interviewed a number of doctors, nutritionists and scientists that argued we should be increasing our intake of animal fats (vegetable oils are particularly bad for us) and that there is no such thing as a bad level of cholesterol in women. In fact, they argued that women should NEVER be put on statins to lower cholesterol.

    You can read the author’s blog at: http://www.fathead-movie.com/

    In any case, I wonder if your tiredness is anything to do with your diet? I could have just asked that question, but for some reason your post reminded me of the film!


    Im sure diet can affect energy levels. In my case its not the antagonist, its a side effect of my illness.
    Since becoming ill Ive also become less able to deal with stress and since I don’t smoke, drink(to drunkenness) or take drugs my body seems to use sleep to deal with it and at the hint of stress I shut down literally.
    Its as if someone has taken the batteries out.
    This week after the stress of my car getting broken into I have been taking naps every afternoon and finding it hard to get out of bed in the morning..Even so I’m yawning and slow witted as if Ive been up all night.

    Ive been reading some new research on Thyroid conditions which suggests some patients don’t respond well to traditional treatments and still suffer effects similar to an under-active thyroid including tiredness and joint pain .I wonder?


    Ms. Cassandra

    Do you take any medication for the thyroid problem? The doctor gave me synthroid pills that I take daily, this helps to keeps the tiredness away.


    Hi Jellybean .
    Yes I take the synthetic thyroid hormone which is what I meant by traditional treatment.
    Even though the specialist says my T4 is within normal limits I still have these problems.

    Most times I function well at least for the outside world. I just wish doctors could get past the broken record phrase within normal limits and start looking at the person as a whole, whats normal for one person might not be for another so maybe treatments need to be a bit more flexible?

    I dont know…


    Ms. Cassandra

    I really didn’t know if there is any other “normal” treatment which could be given. At any rate, I was a little interested in you post because I have been feeling very tired for the past several months and will be seeing my doctor this week. I’ve been thinking of asking him if there is anything stonger…more milligrams or whatever.

    You also mentioned in your post that you did a couple of “other” things??? You cleaned this, cleaned that, re-painted the house, added a family room on too your house…all in the same day??? I WOULD HAVE BEEN DEAD!!!! hahahahaha!!!

    Anyway, good luck on this and hope you can get it taken care of.


    I have a lot of problems with tiredness as well. I’m on a CPAP at night for my sleep apnea but still live in a fog. My sleep doctor has me on Provigil which does help quite a bit. I’m still sleepy but not nearly as bad as without it. Might want to ask your doctor about that.



    Tiredness is awful and there is nothing worse than when people dismiss it with simple remedies like looking at you nutrition, but as a PT I see unbelievable results when people change their nutrition, you are what you eat and when you eat what you eat can have a huge effect.
    Cutting out caffeine, processed foods, alcohol and sugar will send your energy levels soaring.

    Also i suffered from a similar thing myself a few years ago, falling asleep in the car whilst waiting at the school gates, in meetings, even on my feet, I felt thoroughly depressed by my lack of energy and as a spinning instructor and personal trainer my energy levels were effecting my work. So I have my bloods done and found that I was deficient in Vit B12, for the next 4 weeks I had an injection every week to get my levels back up, – it was amazing. Almost instant, then as the week was ending I would start flagging until my next shot. After 4 weeks I was feeling so much better.

    So, maybe you should get your bloods tested for B12 deficiency (are you a vegetarian?) also just to test your not anaemic and deficient in iron.

    Another thing I recommend to my clients is Magnesium 400mgs a day about an hour before bed, it will help you sleep and is a vital mineral that so many of us are lacking these days due to the depletion of the mineral in the soil

    Finally you could get your adrenals tested, not just you thyroid and then take it from there. I work with a nutritionist who I sometime send clients to for this when we have exhausted all avenues, the results are great.

    It isn’t normal to be feeling as you are and I feel for you – good Luck ๐Ÿ˜‰


    :blank: If you are perimenopausal, tiredness comes with the territory BUT can signal many things. Heavy bleeding can cause Iron deficiency, hot flashes can keep you awake as can insomnia, which makes you tired. In midlife the most common cause of crippling tiredness is adrenal exhaustion. In my case it’s probably my adrenals, and more painful than normal joint and muscle pain. It’s important to sleep, but sometimes the muscle and joint pain is so bad, i sleep, but it is not restful.


    I’ve got to back up BusyBabes post. I think she’s hit the nail on the head. I would get tested for iron and B12 defiency. You could actually be low on iron. I would chat to your doctor and ask her to organise a blood test. You shouldn’t have to put up with this tiredness. I do hope you get the right treatment soon.

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