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Tough Times Ahead

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    I’ve had a tough couple weeks, I can hardly use my right hand as the pain is so bad, I got to see an emergency doctor today and he’s booked me in for an ultrasound scan on my hand to see if it’s a ganglion cyst and if it is then I will need surgery so gotta wait for word on that but if I do need surgery then it’ll be my second.




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    Oh no! I hope it is not your dominant hand. We use our hands so much that it really makes things difficult when there is a problem.

    Good luck with your scan. Let’s hope it is something simple that will quickly sort itself.


    Awful being out of action , although ganglion removal is normally very easy and they have little chance of regrowth ..

    With all these things I always think its 4-6 or 8 weeks of inconvience but then the rest of life without it so the benefits outweigh the bother.

    I think the worst thing will be the waiting list they can go on forever, my mum has been waiting nearly 4 months for an ‘urgent ‘ heart exam!!


    The pain is in my right hand which is the one I use to write with but even that is a huge struggle and can’t bend my wrist or nothing….


    [quote quote=202784]The pain is in my right hand which is the one I use to write with but even that is a huge struggle and can’t bend my wrist or nothing….


    That is horrible and I feel for you . Any idea how long it will be before you get treatment? I know theres not a lot you can do to help it yourself , please dont try any of the awful old fashioned things like whacking it with a big book!!! But maybe a support bandage would help?


    I don’t have any words of advice, but we’re here for you and you’re not alone in this.

    I know that is awfully weak, but it’s the best I can do.

    Take care, lovely.


    Waiting for the ultrasound scan could take a couple months, but it sucks that I have to wait so long and the pain is pushing against the bone that sticks up and the fact that tablets don’t help nor anything else that I tried, it’s so painful that I can’t get much sleep due to the pain and if it will be surgery then it could be the only option I got and something needs to be done and I can’t use my right hand at all and it sucks. The only thing that kinda keeps my mind off it is to watch DVDs on my new 40 inch TV that I got last week…


    Enjoy your DVDs Lake District and I hope to hear good news about your health in the next few months.


    I’m so sorry for your pain Lake District, I hope your doctor’s able to find out what’s causing it and can get it fixed for you.  Oh dear, you really need to wait months for an ultrasound?? 🙁


    Being in pain is absolutely awful, so you’ve got my sympathy. Chronic pain sucks. But enjoy your DVDs and keep online.

    You’re not alone in this, but take care and I hope – as Mamie does – that your doctor is able to find out what’s caused it.

    Sending positive thoughts your way.


    I see the doctor in the morning after 10am UK time so see what he says, I even fell on my wooden floor today and landed on the sore wrist, then same thing but on concrete last week too, it’s been rough though and it sucks, really does and the only thing that helps is watching vids on YT and music on my VLC app on my phone…


    Good luck x



    So seen the doc and he gave me some Naproxen meds but took four but as yet nothing but pain, bruising has went down a bit but the pain is getting worse and I still can’t move my wrist at all, it just sucks so bad and despite trying to take my mind off it, easier said than done!


    Naproxen will help a bit its an anti inflammatory so that explains the swelling going down.

    Did you get a stomach protector with the naproxen? You should alway have something like Omeprazol to avoid acid reflux problems with this Nsaid. Oh and be careful with dizziness it can have that effect

    If you didnt get any you can buy omeprazol or similar  over the counter…


    The Friday before the end of last month, I ended up in hospital, had to get x-ray and blood tests done but they came back clear and then the doctor’s again last week and she could feel lumps where the pain is and she suggested to try some Arnica Gel, so picked some up from a health store and it seems to help a little, the bruising has went down a bit, pain is still mild to painful, still can’t write or use my hand at all, have to use my left hand to write and that’s awkward…

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 40 total)
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