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Tough Times Ahead

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    I do hope this is sorted soon. I suppose in time you will be able to write well with your left hand but it’s pretty poor consolation.


    Yeh sucks that I can’t use my right hand for anything at all


    [quote quote=204405]Yeh sucks that I can’t use my right hand for anything at all

    Ive been using my left hand all week too and it is a total pain, such simple things like pressing the button on my toothbrush causing my pain or picking up a kettle.. I really feel for you


    I have a lot of sympathy for you both. Being injured is horrible.

    I am sure you’ll both heal within time. Just keep an eye on your wounds and if they get worse, you know what to do: see a doctor. Obvious advice, but worth mentioning.

    Take care, both of you.


    Still waiting for the ultrasound scan


    Haven’t  posted in here for about a couple months, but still no scan yet, the pain is getting worse each day, it’s getting to the point where I can’t even put pressure on my wrist or even use it so the pain is so bad that I’ve had to resort to using Deep Freeze spray and Arnica Gel to try and help the pain but it slightly helps but not by much, to be honest – it sucks to be in this much pain since the 27th July and it’s now almost the end of December, so not had the ultrasound scan at all and hopefully in the new year I might get some answers as to what is causing this, I ended up in hospital at the end of September with the pain and x-rays showed nothing chipped, broken or fractured but a hematoma due to clots from two burst blood vessels and yet no word on ultrasound scan… Out of the four different doctors I’ve been to, only two suspect Ganglion Cyst…. Wish this would be sorted out so I can heal but who knows how long it’ll take??


    I do hope you get good help soon 🙁



    Id say Im amazed but sadly having seen the way my mum was (not) treated I think this is par for the course under the NHS.

    The only thing you might be able to do if you can and live near the hospital is ask to be phoned in the event of any cancellations..


    I called the hospital – Only to be informed that my ultrasound scan has been outsourced to a private hospital, it could mean travel of either 23miles or 50miles for the scan….


    @lakedistrict thats awful..

    Any indication of when they might get round to doing it?


    My OH was at the gp this morning his knee has gone again he was referred for photos and mri .We phoned the hospital and the xrays are tomorrow but the hospital said sorry they can’t fit him in for the mri tomorrow so he has to wait until next Tuesday ….they wondered why we laughed


    I’m so sorry Lake District, I hope you’re able to get taken care of soon 🙁


    Well I got an update!!! 

    This morning the letter came for the Ultrasound Scan and it’s 50 miles away in Belfast so I’m hoping that my brother is able to take me as he knows Belfast better than I do, so the ultrasound scan could be happening within the next two weeks…. Finally getting somewhere and it’s been a tough six months so hopefully I get the results there and then, just glad that it’s finally happening after 6 months of waiting…. 


    Im so glad you got news. Six months is an awful long time to wait.



    Back in 2016, I had to wait 6 months for eye surgery


    Oh my, I’m so terribly sorry Lake District.  How can they make you wait so long?  That’s unbelievable, I’m just so blown away about that.

Viewing 15 posts - 16 through 30 (of 40 total)
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