Tough Times Ahead

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    Good luck with the scan!



    Had the scan on Friday afternoon, it didn’t go the way I expected


    @lakeDistrict. What happened? Was it bad news?


    In a good way or bad? :/



    It’s not good, put it that way and due to lockdown, I still don’t know what kind of treatment I’ll need, or if surgery is still an option due to the results, I still get bad pains and couple weeks back I fell on it when my cat tripped me and I hit my wrist on the wooden floor with a thud, now it’s worse than ever….


    I’m so sorry you’re still experiencing difficulties with your hand.  (I guess, it’s a cat’s mission to ensure our slow, agonizing, demise.)


    Sorry to hear 🙁


Viewing 7 posts - 31 through 37 (of 37 total)

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