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Tough Times Ahead

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    Good luck with the scan!



    Had the scan on Friday afternoon, it didn’t go the way I expected


    @lakeDistrict. What happened? Was it bad news?


    In a good way or bad? :/



    It’s not good, put it that way and due to lockdown, I still don’t know what kind of treatment I’ll need, or if surgery is still an option due to the results, I still get bad pains and couple weeks back I fell on it when my cat tripped me and I hit my wrist on the wooden floor with a thud, now it’s worse than ever….


    I’m so sorry you’re still experiencing difficulties with your hand.  (I guess, it’s a cat’s mission to ensure our slow, agonizing, demise.)


    Sorry to hear 🙁



    The scan I had showed bleeding under the skin, it sucks


    Surely they will do something soon?



    I have been using gel to tone it down a little but on the other side s**t has been hitting the fan with the news that my childhood home is being sold… Shocked about that…

    Still not fully back on here yet, still need time

Viewing 10 posts - 31 through 40 (of 40 total)
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