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    I have checked out this website and have seen the most gorgeous pair of rainbow pumps. They are GORGEOUS and I shall be purchasing them online soon. Women’s shoes on this website are glam, glam, glam.

    If you’re into high heels, you’d be mad to ignore this website!

    Again, this is not spam and I do think you should check it out yourself. Seriously gorgeous sexy shoes.

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    There are some interesting shoes there! It’s good for a browse. Thank you Kitty 🙂

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    Would you consider wearing any of them, SpinningJen?


    At – say – a party: I’d never suggest going to the supermarket in them! LOL.

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    Ive never been a fan of the platform with the high heel.. Although it makes for fun whan watching people trying to walk in the darn things.

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    LOL, a bright start today Cassandra! I don’t think I would likely be seen wearing any of those Kitty as I would be unlikely to spend that kind of money for a one-off occasion like a party. Otherwise I do like to dress up. It is unlikely, in my social circle, but I don’t need too much pushing for a laugh. I have looked, and am going to look further there though, as I am looking for some Edwardian boots to go with the Edwardian blouse I bought earlier this summer. I think that sort of style is different, but not so that I could not wear them more generally too. It’s just getting quality as many are only designed for short term wear. I plan to make a long linen skirt at some point, mainly when I figure out how to handle long lengths of material in my small space.

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    The only thing I do not like about high heels is that they rub on the back of the foot: it’s very uncomfortable.

    But, still, my only bugbear. But those falls: that is a risk with any heel. I suppose that is what can happen: shoes are beautiful, but not risk-free.


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    Funnily enough, I bought a pair of leather boots today, which are gorgeous. They’re the same size as my other boots. They pinch slightly, but this is only due to the leather needing stretching. Do you find this with boots? My sister and I spent 20 minutes in the shop choosing between sizes, so I am very happy. I do love my footwear!

    Anyhow, which shoes have you bought yourself recently?

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    Oh, heck no!  At 5’8″, though not that tall, I’m tall enough!

    I would end up, not only looking like those poor souls in Cassandra’s video, but breaking something as well.  🙁

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    I have just ordered some new boots. Not the Edwardian ones I would like to have, just some for day to day wear in the winter. I looked in town yesterday but the shop I looked for has changed hands. Their styles were far less interesting and mostly lower quality. I prefer to buy shoes that last. They didn’t do the larger sizes in many so I decided to shop online and risk having to return them.

    Ruched Leather Ankle Boots – KF30004 / 316 380


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    I love those boots, SpinningJen! They’re gorgeous.

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