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Travelling Safely: My Travel Plans

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    I have decided – within the next two years – to travel around the world. I have decided to do this through tour groups, rather than alone. I feel travelling on one’s own is awfully dangerous. If you’re part of a tour group that travels – say from Greece to Spain – then you are much, much safer. I would not risk travelling on my own. I’d have a registered group: rather than a group of casual friends. This way I’d know the guide and the transport would know where it was going and there’d be no danger of me being abandoned or forgotten and left to my own devices. Being part of a registered group is where I am starting. This will be within the next two years at least. The group would run its trip for a good one to two weeks.

    Would YOU consider doing so? Or are you a lone ranger? How do you keep safe when travelling?


    Much as I dislike groups I think when traveling through unknown places with languages I don’t speak as well as the vulnerable position of being a woman alone I would choose to go with the group and an organised tour rather than travelling alone.

    I do think it’s important to find the right group to go with you wouldn’t want to be caught up in a group full of rowdy teenagers or lots of retirees who barely get off the tour bus.

    but I hope that you can make these plans come true and won’t get delayed or put off by yet more Corona lockdown rules.


    I am somewhat a loner but do see the value of being in a group. I remember going abroad on holiday years ago with someone from work. It was pretty much a disaster between us as we found that we did not get on. It was one of those 18-30’s things so there was a group so the holiday was saved but I agree with Cassandra that the right group or people are important.

    The most important thing about travelling is proably more about being streetwise and confident when travelling. There are a lot of conmen / women who prey on travellers, whether alone or in a group. There are mostly honest people too but it is not easy to distinguish between the two. I suppose it does depend quite a bit as to whether you are just looking around places or wanting to get a feel for the people and their lives too as guided tours really don’t get to the heart of that. For me, my love of people does limit the value of tour groups but I am (sadly) not going.

    My advice is do your research Kitty and you will be more confident in what you do, hence enjoy it more. Good luck Kitty!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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