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    I make this a serious part of my day.


    daily trivia game on alexa


    usually score 5/ 6 out of 10, so not bad at it, either.


    anyway: even if I get the answer wrong, it’s fun to learn the little facts that come with the question


    I love trivia!


    Call me old fashioned but no alexa here. I occasionally do the trivia games that frinds share on Facebook, otherwise the Soduku’s in my mum’s newspaper when I visit.


    No Alexa here either.

    But I do like quiz shows.

    OH and I watch pointless and the House of games on BBC2 , I also like Only connect on BBC2 which is just that bit harder ..

    The general knowledge rounds of mastermind can be fun too although most of the specialist rounds are far too narrow for me to answer.



    It took me a while to get in to pointless. I like it now, but when it first came  out I’m like what? (same with when deal or no deal used to be on too)


    topic on mastermind.. I don’t know. my knolledge isn’t that great. maybe the lion king (seen it so many times!), that or harry potter  book2


    I also like the chase and tipping point


    and the new one rolling in it (basically a more complicated tipping point)


    I know my mum watches the chase, she adores Bradley Walsh but we dont get ITV so I dont see it..


    Repeats of the chase are on Challenge (a Freeview channel) too if you can get it. I found House of Games tricky to get into at first but less so now. I just think the prizes they get are a bit silly, at least the way they look. Mastermind is good and very occasionally they have a specialist subject that I can answer a few things on. I think my best was snakes, of all things lol. I love nature and watch lots of nature programs.


    For a while there was fun wildlife quiz on BBC2 called curious creatures only saw it once or twice but I liked it..

    Nothing like David Attenbourgh for a relaxing wildlife doc though.. I recently got disney channel as a gift from my daughter because they show all the documentaries.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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