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Trump supporting women are truly vile!

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    Why can’t cheerleaders, who are supposed to be the best girls of the school can’t be ideal citizens?


    Trump has turned the popular kids of schools into villains!

    I blame reality TV! Reality TV has ruined women and turned them dumb, mean, and materialistic!

    Hopefully by the 2050s society would have gone through a major cultural shift and abandoned shallow drama and materialism with a fascination in science and space exploration.

    Hopefully we will have a future where kids who will normally become jocks and mean girls will aspire to be astronauts!



    Well, I don’t know how much “reality” TV has influenced behavior overall, since I rarely watch it.  It has certainly influenced at least one person in power…not for the better, I’m afraid.

    I believe social media and its intrusive tracking policies are to blame for a lot of divisiveness.  One’s every click is being tracked by either the social media site or its advertisers.  If you click on one article of interest, it suggests similar articles for you.  That just worsens whatever confirmation bias you may already have.  Before long, you’re swept up in an extremist bubble.


    My experience of teenage groups are that they can be very nasty at times and girls, although it is less usual, can be far worse than boys. The saddest thig I ever saw, at school, was when a group decided that they did not like the conduct of another in their class so a present in a box wrapped with pretty paper and bows was left on her desk. It was a wooden spoon! I was not in that group and never found out exactly what had occurred but, although to a boy most would have probably just thown it across the room and tackled the ringleader, it just left her in tears. This was well before social media became so widespread.

    I too rarely wach reality TV. The sad thing here is the politics being so ingrained in life. Teenage political extremism is not new but I remember it was only usually individuals who were extreme. In my opinion social media has a lot to answer for but it is really the people who drive it with the companies adding fuel to the fire. As such it is everyone who is to blame to some extent. The evolution of technology?


    Ive never seen BB or love island or any of those voyueristic shows. Watching people acting out just for the camera is not my idea of entertainment.

    Teenage girls are nasty they were long before Trump and they will be long after. The only difference is as a leader he has set an example of how tou can bully and discriminate and get away with it if you are popular or powerful enough.

    He might be gone by Jan 20th but I think his legacy will be with us for a long time to come


    I particularly hate reality television shows. And I mean hate. They have no appeal and no interest for me. To be blunt, such shows are for the young and slightly older generations. I do not belong to those generations. In fact, I am not a huge television fan in general. I much, much prefer my computer to the TV. There are a number of programmes I do enjoy, but those are far and few between. As for Donald Trump: there will always be citizens and the suchlike who follow such leaders. It isn’t so much about Trump but also about Trump’s position. Ignorant people will always exist, no matter the name of the president or name of any other leader. It is just a reason to be up in arms.


    People can be very mean, just as people can be incredibly kind. We all carry the potential for both, and it’s our choices that determine which direction we’ll go. It doesn’t help having poor choices shown on TV for entertainment – those choices become normalised. Same goes for politicians openly acting nasty to others.

    The best medicine is for us to keep choosing wisely for ourselves and supporting those who are good examples. There may never be a cure for human nastiness, but we don’t have to join in!


    You’re right, rebeccajpand: people can be very mean. Thankfully the majority of people have decent manners and don’t do anything extreme. Also people who follow the rules tend to be left alone. Fitting in is very important: for anyone and everyone. But being politicians being mean and reality TV shows encouraging nasty behaviour isn’t right. As for Trump: he was – is – nasty – and – again – that isn’t right or fair. But America has a new president now. I hope he becomes a better leader: for the whole world, too.


    My kids never really want to fit in, and that might be a good thing if extreme behaviour and being mean becomes commonplace as they grow. Choosing to be kind because it’s right is more important.


    You’ve raised an interesting point, rebeccajpand: when I was younger I found the more I tried to fit in, the more I stood out. It’s a paradox. You try to be normal, but in doing so, actually become abnormal. The other kids see this and mock you. A lot of people do maintain normality in their lives: and not just in their school days. But those kids that feel weird inside do find others are actually more aggressive. The point is, to be accepted by others, you have to accept yourself. Your kids seem to realize this. Being pleasing and nice is bad news. OK, so it works for some people, but self respect can get one further in life than a do-gooder.


    These guys tend to stand out because they’re nicer than most kids and don’t want to be mean, so it’s unintentional when they aren’t kind. Around here, it feels like bullying is rampant, plus being rude and self-centred is the norm. That makes me really glad my guys don’t want to fit in! I’ll keep teaching them about being kind and why it works, even though others haven’t figured out the wisdom of kindness yet.


    Teaching young people about kindness is the right move. You’re obviously a kind person yourself. As for others having wisdom: that doesn’t arrive for a long time in anyone’s life. At least for me. I was never a bully or anything, but I could be mean. And I regret that deeply. I had been short with my old friend – and always in my heart – Michael. Again, I did not bully him BUT I was short with him. This makes me feel upset within myself. I fear I hurt him by being short and wish I hadn’t. In fact, when I am nasty I feel like cr*p. I feel lousy and low down on myself. I just do not feel good about myself if I am nasty. Hurting people doesn’t work for me. It isn’t because I am some holy preacher or even angel: it is because being kind to others means I can be kind to myself.

    I will never be that bully that sneers and beats people up: even if I were bullied myself. I think as well that people who respect their own selves also respect others weaker than them. Because no one can say being mean and vicious makes them happy. If they do, they are seriously twisted inside. But that is THEIR problem and THEIR soul. Being perpetually nasty is also exhausting. It takes up a lot of needless energy.

    Be kind to yourself and you’ll be kind to others.


    Don’t feel so badly Kitty. All of us have done things we would have done differently. Some of the real bullies in this world are those who never realise that they are. They do things without thinking of the consequence to others.


    There will always be bullies: and I don’t want to be one of them. They take advantage of kindness and are very selfish. I am nice to everyone. The mistake I made with Michael I won’t make again. Michael had been a kind, dear man, yet I was short with him: he didn’t deserve that. No one does. But – again – I did not bully him. In fact, the club we attended would not allow discrimination or bullying. There were strict rules. No: I like being kind and understanding. Not because of the club’s rules, but because of my own morals. I do think it is normal to be short sometimes, but others need more respect and understanding. Especially if they are vulnerable in society.

    I am definitely a nice person [but not foolish] and won’t be impatient with those slower than me. I know that sounds terribly mean, but some people are a little slower with their reactions.


    I am glad the new president has stepped up: Joe Biden is doing a stellar job. He has halted the construction of the wall. He has also put other measures in place. He has earnt his right to take the place of Donald Trump.

    Joe Biden shall make the world a better place.


    I did watch the inauguration and I must say I like Biden’s speech.. what’s a difference such a calm warm gentle way of speaking he included the struggle of black people and women without being overboard and spoke of inclusion in everything.

    This is such a difference to the hateful rhetoric and the them and us attitude of the last 4 years.

    I hope he will heal the rift and make America the United States again.

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