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    I dont know about anyone else but as I get older I definitely notice more of my mother in the way I think, the things I say and my mannerisms. Is anyone else experiencing this? I love my mum to bits, but dont really want to turn into her, its just a lot of what she used to say to me now makes sense, and I cant help but repeat it to the kids (and even the hubby).

    Are we all destined to turn into our mothers?!?


    You know, I hate to even think it but every now and then I catch myself saying something that reminds me of my mother! Maybe if I am lucky enough to have kids one day I will notice it even more.


    omg perish the thought of me turning out like my mother!! :ahhh:
    Thankfully I,m more like my dad which is a relief lol. 😉


    Wow I would dread ever turning into my mother as much as I love her! I think that face you just used is exactly how I am looking imagining becoming my mother souxi!


    :gulp: OMG :gulp: ….noooo iv not found myself copying her mannerisms or sayings..I made damn sure of that one…she wasnt what you would call maternal…lol :smirk:

    BUT…I do sometimes get a fleeting glance of myself in the mirror from time to time and think :bug: ..AAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :bug: ..mostly I have to say when im ill or very hungover :sick: ..lol…ooooooo… i am such a bitch…slaps wrists…better than slashing them i suppose…lol..lol

    Sorry if my sense of humour is a bit ‘out there’…its just the way i am…lol :coolsmirk:

    Saffi :kiss:

    P.S……knowing my luck me mum will be on here somewhere and I will be in deep doo do now…. 🙄


    lol @ saffi

    Looks like I need to make more of a conscious effort in order to prevent myself from turning into my mother! With you help, I reckon I might just be able to make it!


    No probs sally 😉 ….the thing that i find works is when you find yourself in the position of sounding like your mum when having an >:-( ‘excited discussion’ :grrr: with your kids is…….

    Pause and think what would have been in my head at that age??? ….when i think what I was like well….it kinda helps diffuse it 4 me….. :zip:

    Enough of the serious stuff….lol….the other thing that stops me turning in2 me mother is the agreement i have with everyone that knows me…and that is….to shoot me if i ever walk past Marks n Sparkes or BHS windows and say…oooo they’re nice outfits. :sick: ..lol

    Saffi xx



    Well as my poor mum is in hospital…i stayed with my dad last week end, as i am a daddy’s girl i had to make sure he was ok!
    We had a really good talk about things, and he is adamant i take after his sister pheww like that as i love my god mother to bits!! But yes I am worried as sometimes I hear what I am saying and fear i do sound like my mum!!


    Oh bubbles I,m so sorry to hear about your poor mum. I do hope it,s nothing too serious? Lets hope she gets better soon and that she,s home and well in time for Christmas. Let us know how she gets on. 🙂


    Thanks for your best wishes, but we know she will not be home for xmas….she had a triple heart by pass some 13 years ago. They say it will last for 10 years, it is now year 13, she is also a diabetic she went to the hospital 3 weeks ago for an xray as she had a chest infection…and it has been down hill all the way. We are told she has a lot wrong with her, and if she does get through it it will take many months, I am hoping my dad is strong enough to get through this. They live in London and I am in Kent, so cannot get there quickly, or feel i can support my dad, only by phone. Bless him he has taken my DS as he is bored in the hospital. So we know it is not good…


    My personality is very different from my mother’s, but there are some things with my body that are terrifyingly similar. My mother died of Pickwickian syndrome, but how she died isn’t nearly so sad as how that disease impacted her life.I am fortunate that there have been more advances in the science of obesity, but that still doesn’t make it easy. I used to not understand why my mother would get up in the middle of the night to eat, but now when I wake up at 3 a.m. because my stomach is growling, I understand. Dad couldn’t understand why she wouldn’t go to the doctor about the numbness in her hands… she said that all the doctor would tell her is to just lose weight… I get it now. I used to think she was very lazy. The house was so dirty, that the dog would lick clean spots on the wallpaper near where she slept. Now I understand about the total lack of energy. My mother used to obsess over food, and today I spent the entire afternoon peeling newly sprouted mung beans. There’s a difference – when I was in high school, she made the announcement that my father and she did not like vegetables, had only been eating vegetables to set a good example for me, and they would not be eating vegetables anymore, but I could if I wanted to. Okay.

    We can’t help but to have some affect from our mothers, especially our biological mothers, but that doesn’t mean that we will turn into our mothers. Hopefully we have the strength to separate the good from the bad and discard the bad, as well as the forgiveness to accept and keep the good.


    shoot me if i ever walk past Marks n Sparkes or BHS windows and say…oooo they’re nice outfits. :sick: ..lol

    Oh dear the trouble is I did walk past mark & sparks and it was actually a nice outfit. OMG im only 24 this cant be happening!!!

    I am proud to have inherited my mums attention to detail but I defiantly don’t plan to be the overbaring parent she was/is to me.


    Bubbles very sorry to here about your mum it sounds like you are all having a pretty rough time at least she has a daughter willing to be supportive. I will know how you feel next week when my own diabetic mother goes into hospital. She thinks the worst thing of all is she misses my brothers first school nativity play.

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