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    I use the above website, which I love. But I posted a perfectly non-aggressive post that did not insult anyone or anything, yet I got a rather aggressive – not nasty – reply. I did not know what I said wrong. Thankfully I didn’t reply to them: it would’ve just fuelled the fire. But I was surprised at how aggressive the poster was towards me. Now I am not a loser, but it really bugged me.

    Basically, if you’re using such forums, then definitely do not reply to any aggressive posters: just leave them be. Because – I know if I had – it would’ve gotten worse. Still, I wasn’t happy with their reply. Oh: I did not share any personal details on the website. I know to not expose myself online. Personal feelings and details are always never mentioned. It is best to be sensible and protect oneself.

    Have you ever had issues with aggressive people on social media?


    You never know what fuels people, they may have had a really bad day and you just hit the wrong note with them .. Remember words in type carry no emotion and that makes them open to interpretation from the reader, what one sees as a joke another sees as an insult, what one sees as an honest answer another sees as rude or brutal. Is this a one off from the poster is is this their normal tone ?

    I once answered a poster to a dog forum who wanted a medium dog, that did not shed hair, would not climb on furniture, or chew anything, would be good with kids and her cat, easy to train, not bark, or run off, and would be ok at home all day while she worked…..

    I just said ‘you need this dog’ and posted a picture of a kids pull along dog on wheels… Some people found that too harsh but  I love dogs and I can spot a train wreck owner when I see one. The lady hit a raw nerve..

    I bet she thought I was a right b***h but she wasnt to know how many dogs weve rescued because of peoples silly expectations..

    We all have off days so unless this is a pattern of behaviour just brush it off.



    Someone once said, “Social media has made us far too comfortable with being rude without getting punched in the face for it,” which pretty much sums it all up!


    Yeah, it’s amazing how brave people are when hiding behind a computer screen.

    P.S.  I agree with you, Cassandra.  I probably would have posted a picture of a unicorn, as the animal she described doesn’t exist.


    You gave me a laugh there Cassandra, but you are totally right. I doubt she had children either, although I would not want to be one of them if she had. I think it happens to everyone occasionally. It is satisfying when I find out the reason and understand / sort, but some people do unfortunately go out with a chip on their shoulder.



    You’re right, TestDummyC: it’ so easy to be brave when behind a computer screen. There is little risk of retaliation: no one can be yelled at – or anything else – when sitting behind a computer screen. I bet the poster would never dare have that tone of “voice” when IRL.

    It just bugged me, because I had been honest but polite. Of course I never claimed to know things I didn’t, though.

    Anyhow, thank you for all your replies. I wasn’t upset as such with the poster. I suppose it just got under my skin. Still, I didn’t fan the flames: I just let the poster be. There was no point retaliating. I wouldn’t have won and I could’ve been banned from the site if I had said what I felt. I bet the poster would’ve loved booting me off: I wasn’t going to give them that satisfaction, frankly.


    There’s still a bit of a hostile atmosphere on U2 Feedback: I don’t know what I said wrong! I didn’t insult anyone and was never rude in any way.

    Maybe I should stop using the site: if people don’t like me on there, I see no point in carrying on using U2 Feedback.

    This makes me feel defeated, but I may have no choice.


    I have decided to stick with it. I have bought 3 U2 albums, so will be able to offer opinions that are genuine. I have bought:

    1. How To Dismantle An Atomic Bomb
    2. Line On The Horizon
    3. Songs Of Innocence

    I have also bought “Cupcakes and Cashmere: At Home” by Emily Schuman. I love that book: my old copy is tattered and ready for the bin. So now it’s in with the new! I LOVE Cupcakes and Cashmere online, too. Such beautiful rooms and lifestyle tips.

    Anyhow, I’ll be listening to them all and will – finally – be able to know what I’m talking about on U2 Feedback.


    I actually ordered “All That You Can’t Leave Behind”: not “Line On The Horizon”, as previously stated.


    I posted my poem “U2 Legends Of Rock” onto the U2 Feedback site. I have gotten no comments, which is probably a good thing. LOL. Anyhow, I shall continue with the site. I have also bought three U2 albums online and shall listen to them all. I have listened to “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and it is brilliant. I am a HUGE U2 fan.

    Legends: 100%



    I hate social media, people are so horrible on there.  I don’t participate with any of those things, because I get hurt really easily and don’t do well with being yelled at.


    I’m very tempted to ditch U2 Feedback. The users are awful. I hate their sarcastic replies to my threads. There are other users who I just cannot get along with. They even insult U2: and they’re supposed to be their fans! It can be a really aggressive forum. Now, I am not a weak shy person, but their comments can be nasty.

    Definitely avoid that website: unless you’re able to handle those people. I should be – but just don’t want to bother trying anymore.


    I have now officially ditched U2 Feedback. I’d advise anyone not use it. They are horrible on there. I sincerly hope they’re not representative of the band. THEY are the trolls: not me.

    Again, definitely avoid that website.

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