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Update Status 2022

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    Only a quick visit as I’m dealing with a lot of health stuff, doctor has put me onto a new set of meds for the stuff going on and it’s also connected to PTSD which connects to the unexpected loss of my Dad in Feb 2020 and I also lost my cousin Leo in Oct 2021, he was only 18, the meds in question is Sertraline which might be for the next 6 months of taking this to see if it helps with the stuff I am going through right now, I’m just not in a good place right now and also got an appeal to deal with against the DWP as they said I failed a medical, there’s a pandemic going on and yet it might go to a tribunal to see what they can do, if I win then the DWP will have to pay and it could be a lot….

    All I can really say for now but who knows when I will be back in here again, it’s already been over a year since I last posted in here…

    Kiitos and see you around…

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