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    <h3>An active shooter has been reported at Highland High School in Palmdale, California today. Seems like every day school children in USA are being shot at in school.</h3>
    When will USA wake up and protect their children from being shot to death at school?


    That’s an excellent question, Bunny.  Unfortunately, the US doesn’t care about those not old enough to vote.  We also don’t do much for protecting our elderly, as they’ve outlived their economic usefulness and are a drain on society.  Although not far from the truth, I am being sarcastic.

    I believe people have a right to defend themselves and to hunt.  Neither of those activities require the use of a military style assault rifle.

    The sooner we get back to publicly funded election campaigns, the better.


    These things are reported almost daily from somewhere in the world. I wonder if there has been an increase or it is just the reporting. For instance, how often did it occur in 1918?

    We have the right to defend ourselves here, but as the right to bear arms is not in our constitution, nor is the right to use arms. This does limit things, and defense can only be measured, not (over) kill as in the US. I also think that people should only hunt for the food they need, not sport.


    Spinning, I see on news it happens in USA the most of any country


    True Bunny, but the USA has a good news network, whereas many other places have poorer communications, and a more violent street culture so it is maybe only, either when it is so bad as to shake people up or when a reporter from a major news agency gets the story, that the world hears. My own personal view is that the NRA over there, with there objections to gun control, are killing more innocent citizens than all the terrorists in the USA and Western Europe put together. I do realise though, that I am not there living in the US so only see what is reported. With communicating with many people over there though, I do see it is a big place with many quantifiable sub-cultures so there are likely to be many people over there who don’t appreciate the big picture either.

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    I want to clarify my post above…

    We = our politicians who don’t care about those who aren’t old enough to vote.  In fact, they don’t really care about most voters, because they are beholden to their campaign contributors.

    The two most under-served sectors of our population are children and the elderly.

    I contribute money to a “Super PAC to end all Super PACs” which endorses candidates (Republican or Democrat) who support campaign finance reform.  The only way to keep big money out of politics is to return to publicly funded campaigns.

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    I have to agree with SpinningJen. You’ve made some valid points.

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    The bottom line with all of this is innocent children are losing their lives and are in fear to attend schools. This needs to be looked at not as a problem or just guns, mental illness, but a problem that innocent people are dying in a place where it is suppose to be safe for them to learn. The politicians need to put it into perspective of what is happening here regardless if it was a shooter with an Assault Rifle, Bombs, a Pistol, with or without mental illness. Innocent people are dying senseless deaths. Have this happen to one of their own children(God Forbid) and see how it changes them. They need to stop worrying about the money from big associations like the NRA and vote for what is right.

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    Honestly, I am becoming increasingly sickened by the amount of children who are getting killed by these awful crimes. I also cannot get out of my mind the children that have not been killed but have witnessed this and how they will be affected by this for the remainder of their lives. While all of this goes on what is going on in Washington D.C.? Politicians come out at first and say the correct thing and then they sit on their hands until it happens again. It is an outrage and I hope we as voters remember this when we go to the polls next and vote. Get these politicians out that refuse to do a thing for these kids and instead they are worried about the NRA funding their campaign. Oust them!!!!

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