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usa very scary country

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    Jarrod W. Ramos is suspected of shooting and killing five individuals during a shooting spree at Maryland’s ‘Capital Gazette’ newspaper.

    it must so scary living in the usa and reading about so many killers everyday.

    how do usa ladies cope with this constant terrorism?

    are you a usa girl?


    I just numb it out and pretend that it doesn’t happen while also keeping myself on guard 24/7 while I’m out…

    …And in similar news, a boy in my hometown got shot a few days ago and ended up passing away today. He was the friend of a relative and I’m still reeling from what happened. Have been crying all day. That could have been my cousin. And even though it wasn’t him, it still hurts that it hit so close to home. And I don’t think I’ll ever get over hearing his friends and classmates crying about it at his memorial today.

    Sorry, I just needed to let that out somewhere. It’s been a really emotional and tough day.


    Well not in the USA but that does not mean things don’t happen here. I think it is the same everywhere – having to be streetwise. I have noticed over the years that things happen really quickly and unless you see the little, almost non noticeable signs, you can miss it totally, and hopefuly not be part of it. It is like car accidents. Anyone with experience will know that things happen in an instant, so reaction time is either split second or non existant. It is worrying here with gangs of moped riders at the moment. I remember when I last passed one. Thinking what to do if they got agressive. They were just boisterous but I do get nervous.


    I can relate to the fear! Nothing as serious of course, but I recently heard that my one guy friend went to Philadelphia in a decent area I must mention, and was walking around with friends. Two men approached my friend and asked him to use his phone so he allowed them to but made sure to stay close. Next thing my friend noticed, was the stranger pushed my friend back and pointed a gun at him and ran away with his phone. Thankfully nothing bad happened, but to know people anywhere around the world think that it is okay to do things like that simply scares me.


    I’m Canadian and watch the news almost each morning – well, it’s playing in the background (FB is my newspaper), but certain stories do grab my attention…however, I can still hear the news on shootings, abductions, vehicle accidents, terrorist attacks etc etc, it’s insane as it seems it’s a daily occurrence down there; I couldn’t imagine living there. Of course Canada isn’t crime-free, it’s just not as much I suppose. I live in a city further up north where there’s only one road out of here. Pretty safe hey? Yes for the most part, but we too have our very odd killing/drug crimes. Nothing like a larger city though. What I do know though is everyone should be aware that anything can happen at anytime, anywhere, to anyone. Lotsa loonies roaming out there these days who get bright ideas from other going ons in the world; copy cats.


    A couple of weeks ago, after undergoing our mandatory “active shooter” training, a coworker and I were discussing how we had never dreamed of ever having to take that training.

    Times, they are a changin’.


    People being killed is devastating. I am not from the USA, but I can understand the fear. There was some bloke [a terrorist] in London, I think, saying “Allah Ackbar” and waving a knife around. It’s sick. These people are off their head and innocent people are fighting back. I know in the USA people are defending themselves with guns. It is sad that it has come to that. There are no words.


    USA gal here. It is scary living here right now. Unfortunately, during the last presidential campaign, some Americans got so fed up with politicians that they voted for a narcissistic blow-hard who is doing nothing but inciting & encouraging violence. He is tearing this country apart. I can’t even describe how sad it is. Different sides of issues feel attacked & get defensive instead of utilizing calm, reasonable  discussions.

    Politicians have been refusing to work with each other for years. He took advantage of that & pandered to those who feel victimized by the system. He’s made people think they can strike out instead of work things out. Bullying has become the norm.

    Hopefully the mid-term elections in Nov will usher in a new set of politicians who will work together instead of against each other.


    It is scary, but I avoid thinking about it so I can continuing living my life. It can happen anywhere at anytime. And nothing is going to change while the POS republicans are in control.


    It is a sad state not only the United States is in but really the world. All this violence and killings in senseless. I am a Principal of an Elementary school in Maine and whenever one of these school shooting happen and it can be anywhere within the United States these kids within my school are extremely scared. Something needs to be done and the Government is sitting on their hands on this.


    It is senseless, but it is obviously something that needs the government to deal with. People must be protected and governments need to step up and protect. I think sometimes the people in power sit on their hands because the opposing country deals in oil/manufacturing/weapons/anything that is supplying money to the western countries. It all boils down to money and trade. Because leaders don’t want to jepodise trade. That would mean a loss of billions of dollars. And Donald Trump owns that money. Without trade – because of hostile behaviour of the USA – he would lose those billions and the USA would go into further dire straits. This sounds shocking, but it’s true.


    I went to New York once and believed that there was  mugger round every corner with a gun. That was a perception I got from all the crime thrillers we have imported from the US, thankfully I did love my visit and it generally felt safe ( there was a lot of police cars about ). I see that there are more shootings there now  but what about all the knife crime in the UK cities, in my opinion the media are to blame for stoking up our perceptions, if they did not report local incidents we would not get the impression that London and cities like that are too dangerous to visit.


    I think that has a lot to do with things Mikki. When I was little here, I grew up with the impression that Glasgow in Scotland was a very dangerous city. I was a bit worried when we visited, as I usually walk around from place to place. I wasn’t there long, but everyone local I met was friendly.  Most of what I knew was from films (one particuarly, a name I cannot remember but a notorious gangster), but the city did have a rough reputation. The Gorbals was well known as a rough area, perhaps worse than the East End in London.


    I feel sometimes we’re given impressions of things that just aren’t real, you know what I mean?  I feel we’re told the worst about things and we’re supposed to be afraid.  I’ve lived in the United States for almost fifteen years and I honestly have never seen a crime.  I’ve been downtown Chicago by myself, but that’s in daylight and like on Michigan Avenue.  I really felt more scared at times when I lived in Canada, I knew someone whose uncle was shot while working at their family convenience store.  But like I know I’m just talking about my own anecdotal experiences, but I don’t feel personally the United States is a dangerous place to live, crime rates are really very low, and most violence is from people you know.


    I think a lot of what you say is true here Mamie too. I remember, although it was a long time ago, I moved to Leicester, which is a bigger city to the Lincoln I live near, for a training course. I found I could happily wander around without fear, even in the evening. I only crime I came across was some overnight vandalism in the entire year I was there. Lincoln though, was a sometimes scary place for me, even in the daytime. No really violent crime (although it wasn’t unknown), but assults were common and being local I heard about them more often and knew exactly where they occurred, and sometimes who was involved. I often wonder as there are a number of cities in the UK that never mention in the news for crime, but others are often there. It surely cannot mean there is no crime there?  Almost as an aside, I have just finished reading a Bill Bryson book ‘One Summer America 1927’. It is interesting that he states within for the 1920’s that although Chicago was noted for it’s gangsters and violent crime and did have worse figures than New York, Los Angles or Boston it was in fact far safer than Detroit, New Orleans, Little Rock, Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte and (the worst) Memphis as regards murder rates. Memphis having a rate of 69.3 per 100,000  as compared with Chicago at 13.3 per 100,000.  He states the rate (at time of his writing) to be 6 per 100,000 for America today. He does say that almost any city in the South was more dangerous than Chicago. I do know that the perception from here in the UK is that some of the southern states of the USA tend to be far more predudiced against almost anyone different than the north even today even though people can be really friendly, and advice is often to drive everywhere, never walk.

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