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    I think the entire world is dangerous. Crime is never eradicated. That isn’t to say the police and authorities do nothing – or not enough – but it does mean there are dangerous, violent people that keep attacking. I know places where if you so much as say the wrong thing, you’re beaten up. It is wrong and it is violent, but violence in people will always be there. But that doesn’t make it right. The fact is, we live in a world where every bad thing happens. The only way to protect ourselves is to follow the law, respect ourselves, know boundaries and use common sense. Still, life is as it is.


    I’m really tired of this thread. The USA is the greatest country in the world. It is the safest, we have the best economy and the greatest military strength in the world. If you don’t agree with this and you think the US is a scary place, may I suggest you try North Korea, Syria, Iran, Guatamala, or any of a dozen third world countries. Maybe we can take up a collection for a ticket. It would be one way wouldn’t it.

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    I suggest you try North Korea, Syria, Iran, Guatamala, or any of a dozen third world countries. Maybe we can take up a collection for a ticket. It would be one way wouldn’t it.

    Surely, you can present a better argument than “Quit crying, or I’ll give you something to cry about!”

    We have the best government corporate money can buy.  Sure, there are/have been worse world leaders than the one we have now…we still deserve better.

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    Playing the devil here, but President Trump is well proving that the USA is the biggest bully in the world too! Being the best brings a responsibility for showing care and understanding, not an “I’m all right Jack” attitude! Greatness is shown by co-operation and working together for the good of all, not stomping your feet like a spoilt child and saying you cannot play in my game!

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    I’m sorry, but President Trump is an international disgrace.

    Actually, I’m not sorry.

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    I totally agree with SpinnigJen and MiaKora. First off to be an effective President you have to be willing to work with all the people in your Government. President Trump talks the talk, but does not walk the walk. He will say in one sentence that he is going to work on a certain bill with Congress and then in the next few minutes be talking down the Democrats on how they are going to ruin this bill and starts calling out the names that he has been doing for years. He has been nothing more than a bully. Then he supports a notorious dictator who has suppressed the development of his own people.

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    Bunnyhabit started this thread, echoed by several UK ladies. The USA is no more dangerous than other developed countries. We are 330 million, the UK is about 67 million. Do the math, of course there is more crime here in volume, not per population. I’m disappointed in the US liberal responses blaming President Trump. There was no crime before him? One member called him ‘narccissistic’, (her spelling). It was Obama that claimed his election would stop the rise of the oceans. Wow! Another referred to POS republicans. So much for the forum’s claim to be accepting to all.

    I’ve got news for these liberals here and abroad. Most of the violent crime happens in Democrat run cities and virtually all mass shootings happen in ‘gun free’ zones. Liberalism had taken religion out of society. There is no right or wrong anymore, mustn’t judge a criminal before examining their childhood. Offenders don’t care if their actions dishonor the family name.

    I’m no Holy Roller, but the Ten Commandments are a good place to start for decent behavior. Anyone committing petty theft to terrorism doesn’t give rat’s a** who’s President. So knock if off!

    I’m near Chicago, with the strictest gun laws in the Nation. Yet, repeat gun offenders are released on bond by liberal Judges before the arresting officer has completed the paperwork. We measure shootings by hundreds every month, and liberals want to pass more laws against the law abiding.

    There was a stabbing at London Bridge by an early released terrorist. Which Party runs London now days? Coddling the criminals.



    Wow! Another referred to POS republicans. So much for the forum’s claim to be accepting to all.

    So, freedom of speech is limited only to those with whom you agree?  We’re expressing our opinions (just as you are), whether we agree with them or not.

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    @terrihoney please dont get angry.

    The fact is people are voicing fears , those fears are real to them ..It might be different where you live or in the circles you move but to them those fears are real and present.

    As for views from those living outside the US it might be a good idea to really read and think about those posts because this is the perception of the US from the outside.. I live in the Netherlands and apart from the fact that people think it begins and ends in Amsterdam if asked what it was famous for  most people would say prostitues, drugs and tulips. But thats an outsiders viewpoint its not the real spirit of the place.

    There is no bigger drugs problem than anywhere else there are not prositutes on every street corner but unless you have lived here you wouldnt know that.

    If you dont like the way your country is perceived you should be working to change it.  For many of us in Europe the US laws are a total mystery, we just dont allow people to be wandering around with guns, we dont allow people to be put to death anymore or  allow anyone to go without health care either.

    These are three major points that people here just dont understand , how anyone can be denied basic rights to medicine and how anyone can wander about with a loaded gun and how if murder isnt right how come the state executes people..

    Striking back with angry comments about coddeling criminals isnt helping anyones idea of how great America is or isnt…

    These are points of view , and in a democratic society everyone has the right to make their view known.


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