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Vegetarian Burgers

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    Someone told me about this company called “Beyond Meat” which uses plants to make synthetic meat, and I’m really super impressed!  I tried one of their products called “Beyond Burger”, and it looks and tastes just like I remember beef burgers being, but it has no meat at all!  And they even have it with the same texture, I honestly wouldn’t have known I’m not eating a beef burger if I wasn’t already aware, and they use beet juice to even make it red and “bleed”.

    If you’re not eating meat but miss things like hamburgers, I totally recommend this, it’s amazing!

    (No I’m not at all involved with this company, I’m just ecstatic lol!)

    [attachment file=199621][attachment file=199619]


    That looks tasty! I am not a vegetarian, but do like many vegatarian foods. I have looked and found it is available in the UK, and Tesco supermarkets do have it listed, but the stores do vary their products. When I next go I will have a look. Thank you Mamie.


    I’ve actually tried one of those about a month ago without even knowing it until now!  It was very good!


    I knew it was a plant-based patty, but I didn’t realize it was made of something I could buy at the grocery store.  I might just have to get a couple of them to put in the freezer for future burger cravings.

    Every once in a while, I would get a vegetarian dish…just because.  I’ve had Smashburgers made with black bean patties which are pretty good as well.

    Not too long ago, hubby and I went to a really nice steak house in Pueblo which served some gluten-free and vegan dishes.  The Avocado Chocolate Pudding sounded interesting to me, and it was delicious!


    I’d like to try one myself! They do look tasty.


    No GMO? No Soy?

    I would give this a go. I hate soy products with a vengence, they really are not good for the planet or our bodies but this sounds much better.. I havent seen them here yet but I will keep a look out thanks for the tip.


    I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat such a burger, but – again – they do look tasty and I’d definitely try one!


    I do feel that vegetarian food has improved over the years. I write this because my brother is a vegetarian and eats very well. It isn’t just quorn anymore: vegetables and flavours have all advanced. Plus, even meat eaters eat lots of veg these days.

    An interesting thread!


    Oh yes, I do feel vegetarian food has really come such a long way.  I love what science is doing, making things more accessible to everyone.  I had another one of these last night for dinner, they’re so tasty!


    I am a vegetarian and oppose consuming murdered animals. I am happy to see alternatives like this being developed


    I am not a vegetarian and I have tried these and I have to say I am really impressed with the taste. I have had other veggie burgers and they were awful and this brand was quite tasty.


    I have never tried this brand of vegetarian burger, but I have tried Morning Star Farms Griller Veggie Burger that I purchased from Walmart and they were pretty good.


    I love food! Screw the diet: eat that veggie burger!

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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