Vicky: Her Tradgedy

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    Good news about Vicky: she prepared and cooked a Christmas dinner for 6 residents at her lodge. Her meal went down a treat! I have tasted Vicky’s food: and she is GOOD. She really knows her cookery. In fact, I have suggested to her she apply for kitchen/cookery work. She’d be in her element.

    Vicky is also extremely good at cleaning. She has always done the cleaning: even as a little girl. She is incredibly thorough when she cleans. She has moved over 6 times, yet still is prepared to get the grime cleaned away. I have taken inspiration from Vicky in that sense. I suppose I also love to clean my home. Once you get into it, it is quite addictive. Seeing the finished product after donning those rubber gloves makes it all worthwhile.

    Anyhow, Vicky is much, much happier now. I seriously doubt she’d put her new home in jepody. Why on earth would she want to leave her large town, where there is so much to do and see? She has her mum near her, she has buses continuously near her…it’d make no sense for her to live in my small town. She simply would not get along with my neighbours [even though I do]. No: Vicky would be nuts to want to move in with me!

    Vicky has a place that is now home.


    [quote quote=221294]In life rules have to be followed. If they are not, there is trouble. Vicky is starting to realize this. And she knows she can’t get her way all the time and that getting angry won’t necessarily mean she gets her way. Even I have to follow the rules. No one is exempt. Again, though, Vicky realizes this now.[/quote]

    I’m glad that Vicky realizes this now.

    I’m having trouble explaining this to my father, who recently recovered from COVID-19 and moved into an assisted living facility.  He’s a retired Army MSG who thinks he’s entitled, and rules don’t apply to him.


    I’m a rule follower in general, so it bothers me when others don’t. I’m trying to remind myself that we each get to choose what to do, but it can definitely be tough when I have to deal with consequences from others ignoring rules.


    I have to agree, rebeccajpand: although I won’t tell Vicky that. However, I know she needs sympathy and support: rather than judgement and scorn. Because the only way she’s going to heal is to be supported emotionally by others. She is a lion when hurt. I write this because pain causes her to lash out. Although this isn’t right, it is the fact of things. It is frustrating when I saw her shoot herself in the foot in the past: because she has the potential to live a good life. But being arrested because of assaulting people is not the best way to deal with her pain. I suppose she can be violent, but deep down has a heart of gold. And she has never smoked weed. She has never bullied anyone. She’d NEVER murder anyone. She would also never hit me. She feels people treat her like sh*t and this drives her insane. She has worth and I just wish others would see it. All she wants is people to be nice to her: I know this for a fact.

Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)
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