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Warning: Slightly Gruesome

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    I use cleaning products twice a week, to clean both my bathroom and kitchen. Now, I always wear cotton gloves underneath rubber gloves. However, on one of my fingers on my right hand there are pinpricks of blood and the skin has [slightly] spilt. It hurts and just feels like a chemical burn.

    What do I do? Should I see the nurse and get treatment? Bear in mind, I need to clean my apartment: otherwise it’d be a mess and dirty. But it HURTS. How do I relieve the pain? Would a plaster be enough?


    I can just feel it Kitty, I hope you are on the mend now x

    If in doubt see the nurse! That said, I worked with all manner of solvents at work, and have worked with many nasty chemicals in the past. Firstly look at your containers to see advice on skin contact. The usual procedure is wash very well with water. I presume you did that. Is the burn getting any worse? Personally I prefer to keep things very clean, rinsing several times a day, being very gentle. I like no or loose covering rather than a plaster which may restrict things and in short time harbour germs for infection to start. Beware of infection setting in which may cause more problems than the original burn. I am wary of using creams but it may help. It depends a bit on how quick you were to spot it, what caused it and how deep it has gone. It may look worse before getting better, but, particularly if you cannot identify the cause and determine treatment, see the nurse if you are uncertain.

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    I hope your finger has started healing up Kitty!  That definitely sounds like you have a chemical burn to me … I tried using hair removal cream on my legs once, and I badly burned behind my knee, and it was much like you describe (and hurt like heck). I couldn’t do much other than putting some Curel Ultra Healing lotion on the spot .. and it gave me immediate relief.  I had to keep reapplying a few times a day, but it got better after a day or two.

    A couple weeks ago I nearly sliced my finger off while cleaning my food processor.  I had this horrible gash that really hurt, especially when I’d do the dishes with hot water.  I couldn’t do much, other than just applying neosporin for a few days, but now it’s just about closed up.  For a day I had to keep it wrapped in gauze and tape, because I just couldn’t get it to stop bleeding.

    Luckily for me, my boyfriend is an ER nurse, so he looked at it and treated it for me.

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    definitely seek medical advice after three days if not self healing


    OUCH, Mamie. That sounds incredibly painful. I hope your finger is healing well. I am glad your boyfriend was able to help. It is handy he is an ER nurse. It must be an incredibly stressful – yet rewarding – job. I think everyone is glad for those people, such as your boyfriend. Because everyone passes through hopsital in their lives at least once.

    Thank you for all your replies. It is healing now. It doesn’t hurt at all. I just reapply hand cream and use gloves when cleaning. Because I can’t afford to not clean: I don’t want to live in a bio-hazard.

    Anyhow, thank you especially, SpinningJen: I have taken your advice onboard.


    I have cleaned again today and there is no reaction. Wearing thick rubber gloves does help. Cream on my hands also does wonders.

    Again, thank you for all your advice.


    Your last post does remind me of something Kitty, although having never used it I didn’t think about it. I am aware people like motor mechanics sometimes use barrier cream to protect their hands from the oil and greases they use. It is put on before any work and forms a protective layer. I don’t know whether that would be an option?


    It is an option. Thank you!


    It has fairly healed now. Thank you for all your advice: it is much appreciated.


    It has come back. I am seeing the doctor in a few weeks. Obviously some chemical has come back. My skin is delicate and I do use cleaning gloves. But something has irritated my finger again. It hurts, too. I shall use a special cream and stick with rubber gloves when cleaning.

    It does hurt a little, though.


    Oh dear, I’m so sorry your irritation has come back Kitty!  Are you able to get in to see a doctor today, so she can look at it when it’s at its worst?

    I hope you’re able to figure out what’s causing it and find a workable solution 🙁 (no pun intended!)


    You are not allergic in some way to the gloves are you Kitty? For instance, some people have a rubber allergy and have to use other types. It may not normally be apparent unless you have weakened skin from the original injury.


    I hadn’t considered that, SpinningJen. There are dots of blood that have split the skin slightly. However, it does not hurt.

    I will have checked out by my doctor when I see her in a few weeks time.

    Thank you, everybody.

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