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Ways I Enhance My Looks

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    My list:

    1. I always have a French manicure
    2. I pluck my eyebrows
    3. I shower every morning, like clockwork
    4. I use hand cream and foot cream
    5. I look after my teeth
    6. I sometimes wear lipstick
    7. I wear stylish shoes
    8. I glow because I like who I am in personality, too

    Over to you!


    I like your list. I would add eat healthy and keep fit to my list.


    I have a similar routine to Kitty and yes healthy food helps as well, my only gripe or should that be my man’s is that I take too long. Funny how that did not matter when he was courting me lol.


    Not sure Id call it enhancing.

    I dont do nail treatments or make up but

    I use moisturiser every day with a sun protector of 30 spf this means at 55 I have virtually no wrinkles.

    Use body butter during winter to keep my skin smooth and soft as well as hand cream .. Do regular foot treatments.

    I clean my teeth and use interdental brushes to keep my teeth nice and clean and I visit both the dentist and mouth hyginest regularly.

    Showering… Goes without saying..

    Keep my hair neat and clean.

    Even if my clothes are not posh or fancy I made sure they are clean and pressed.. My shoes are polished or cleaned (hiking boots)

    I walk tall dont slouch and try to stay fit.

    Like @SpinningJen I think that beauty begins on the inside and I like to eat healthy too.

    I also make sure I get enough sleep… All the make up in the world cant hide the bags from lack of sleep!


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    At my age less is more,  I still like makeup, I think a little color can’t hurt. I always did take good care of my skin, but gravity does take it’s tole after a certain age. I don’t need to color my gray hair, it looks like I frosted my dark hair. I have always eaten a healthy diet, drink plenty of water and I get enough exercise. I like nice clothes and well made shoes and boots, people do notice when you wear fine things.


    I have a love affair with makeup and have worn it almost every day since the very first time I used it. Yes, I am a woman who will not even put the bins out without at least some on. This has got to go on my list of ways I enhance my looks. Its always quality makeup too. I found it just works better. I have a few wrinkles. That’s even thou I used sunblock. But for my age, I’m not doing to bad. I’m told I look in my thirties when I’m in fact in my fifties. I will take that as a sign that I got lucky and looked after myself.

    Hair washed every other day. Unless I’m going somewhere really posh. or I have a shower. Then it gets washed regardless. When I got to that time of life that all woman get to it has thinned out a little. This has really pained me. It used to be so so thick. But alas it just isn’t like that anymore. I still have a good head of hair but it’s just not like it used to be. So for me, it’s even more important to make sure it’s in good shape. So A really good conditioner is a must. On Sundays regardless of how many showers I have had during the week I still love a nice hot bath with some bubble bath. This is almost a ritual.

    Moisturiser. My face twice a day. The rest of my body as and when I can. It’s very much also part of my ritual when I have my Sunday bath.

    My teeth are brushed twice a day and normally get a harp around the edges at some point after the main meal. Teeth I’ve lost a few but still have most of them. In fact, I think for my age I’m not doing to bad.

    Nails. I do them myself. I have for quite a while now. I have just been keeping them protected with some clear nail varnish. I love to paint them but I really have to be in the mood. Granted because I have never had false ones and eat healthy they are pretty strong. This was not always the case but it is now and long may it stay that way.

    Exercise. I try to get out at least once a day and do something. Even if that’s just a walk. I wish I could do more. But sometimes my mind is willing but the body says “If you think I’m running up that hill you have another thing coming” I have always struggled with weight. According to BMI I’m borderline obese. But If you looked at me you would not believe this is the case. I do not look fat by any means. But if you go by there guide for my height I should be about 3 stone lighter than I am. I always wish I was that 3 stone less but it doesn’t matter how hard I try It never seems to shed. I seem to hold weight around my tummy. Im not sure if this was just the change or its just the way I am. But either way its there.

    Clothes. I find that looking nice and fresh goes a long way to your own feeling of wellbeing. I always make sure I’m clean and tidy. Not for anyone else but for myself. But sometimes this can be a bind. I’ll put something on, look in the mirror about five minutes after and think. No, that doesn’t go with that or hmm im not sure that was the right choice, and end up changing. I have always been like this. Always having doubts about what to wear that day. A lot of the time I actually think I’m overdressed and feel I need to actually dress down a bit. That’s stupid I know but welcome to my world lol.

    feeling young inside is by far the most important thing to personal health and wellbeing. If you can feel that then your 3 quarters of the way there. I never always felt great about myself. I will be honest. For quite a chunk of my life, I just didn’t really care. Without going too far into it. I had 18 years of hell on earth, Being told I was worthless and being mocked and put down. That did take a toll on me. But I’m through that now and do as much as I can to make up for it. (Yes this was an abusive relationship) Trust me if I could turn back the clock I would and never have gone into it in the first place. But thats life! Hindsight is a wonderful thing

    One of the most important things to my personal wellbeing is a smile now and laugh a lot and just try to enjoy what I have left of my life. Always trying to look at anything bad in my world from a different angle and always trying to see the nice side of things. Regardless of how awful they seem.

    The most important thing after saying all that. I still feel young in myself and taking it all into account I’m now happy and content. Could we ask for anything else?

    I hope you all didn’t mind but it was really nice to list my own personal shortcomings. Sometimes it’s so much easier in a forum.


    I think we develop a good routine that suits us and just go with it as much as we can if we have the time. If I am rushed my anti wrinkle creams are a must underneath my make up and I skimp a bit on that if I am really in a hurry. Sun protector is vital the older you get if only to protect  your face in its present state.

    I like to look well turned out and wear a nice dress or skirt as much as possible despite hubby telling me I show him up lol.


    I love washing my face with facial wash each night and then using a face cream afterwards. I use Nivea Soft in the tub: it’s gorgeous. It leaves my skin so soft and smooth.

    I LOVE my face and washing my face. I also love my teeth: but that is another story.

    Anyhow, enhancing my looks is about not being in competition with other women: it is about making the most of myself. Plus, wearing nice clothes does not mean I am copying the fashion models: I dress for myself. Not to fit fashion. Because enhancing one’s looks is about inner confidence, pride and unselfish vanity.



    I quess in my case I have a different approach I,m 72 fit and very active and my work or trade,s I was and am involved in will be very manual hands on type,s of .and most was in all weather,s though I have good skin and an olive tones ,

    makeup for myself is not some thing I,ll use as no point and because of my facial feature,s it is not going to help at all, I do use cream in the morning though when I was working out side for 50 years I never used cream nothing at all, yet I have very few lines  weight is the same and over those years,  still is now,  11 1./2 stone = 160 lb,s

    so eye brow liner I,ll use only because I don’t have any eye brow,s  due to being burnt on the right side of my face, when age about 4 , lippy I will wear and perfume and that’s it, I will say I did two years in health and beauty so did try many different ways to see how I would look and colours if I got it wrong  Jos  = Jocelyn  – female,    would say take it off and redo it, till I got it right,

    when I,m not working I,ll be wearing skirt,s most of the time and dress,s for outings and Dancing and when we start up again I,ll be involved , I do have lovely clothes and can dress in a way suitable for how I look I do prefer my Garb = Prussian = German styles,, for our reinactment groups renaissance 1400 -1700 and  Edwardian  1900 -1914, Scottish will be in Tartan  for now  just what I can get though we do have our colours  I need the fabric to make mine.

    I don’t follow fashion as many styles wont suit me plus I,m not feminine enough to look right, one of my fail,s is, =  a Feminine woman can wear her clothes and bring them to Life ,,,,okay,,..I can wear mine  just I cant bring them to life in the same way,  this best  describes how I see myself, and is just a FACT  of my life,

    Not all of us were born with the feminine looking what it takes to be sexy looking.

    I quess when I first saw this ,….Ways to Enhance my look,s …..

    Was oh dear….. looking for a guy,,,,,oh come on at 72  not a hope, and why bother, na,,,is not going to happen , look I have 12 men I can and do dance with,  and to be brutally    honist  would they be the least bit interested in me , answer is ….NO WAY… so you see where I,m coming from , if a guy is at all interested he would see me for who I am not how I dress,

    I quess for me there are a few subjects that I have difficulty with concerning and about myself and I,ll do a write up as this will explain in detail  why I have written in the way I have  plus hopefully a good photo ,  danke.= thank you.



    @noeleena  hi, I think you have written very well your reasons for not wearing make up . You sound very confident and obviously so take care of yourself  as you mention your weight and the fact that you like to wear lipstick so  its not as if  you are a lost cause..

    I am very interested in these re-enactment groups you mention though??


    I think most people have a certain amount of vanity. I don’t use the term vanity is a negative sense. Being vain is wonderful. And it doesn’t mean having to wear makeup or compete with others. Looking good is about the way you do it: not what a magazine says. If someone prefers being without makeup that is their prerogative. They could, though, wear jewellery or use luxurious shower products or a beautiful face cream every night or even just keep their nails clean and filed. It is all up to the individual.

    I do know in the wars, women did the work, so they had to wear more masculine clothing. Hence the fashions for women’s trousers over the centuries. But skirts and dresses are still valid. And now people realize they don’t have to wear trousers to work [unless it’s part of the uniform] to be constructive and appropriate. My sister works with a woman who wears high heels to work. I wouldn’t myself, but it goes to show, looking good and fashionable is accepted in the workplace.

    As I mentioned in a previous post, skirts and dresses don’t mean having to wear heels: there are plenty of stylish flats available. And they are not granny-like or ancient looking. I love flats and wear them all the time.


    I enhanced my looks by plucking my eyebrows last night and giving myself a metallic manicure last night, too.

    Do YOU love having manicured nails? I am very vain when it comes to my nails.


    Thank you for your Private message KitKatKitty, have just messaged you back!


    Thank you Rachel! I shall check out my messages later.

    Have a nice day*!

    *to everyone else, too.


    Hopefully hear from you soon!

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