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Ways I Enhance My Looks

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    I still pluck my eyebrows regularly. I also gave myself a French manicure last night. I do love my vanity. I love using face cream at night, too.

    I don’t enhance my looks for other people: I do it for myself because I like looking after myself and pampering myself. It makes me feel good to look good. Some women only do so because it is expected of them: not so with me. I just love beauty and fashion. I also don’t like to compete with other women when it comes to fashion. I don’t wear nice clothes to out-do the woman next to me: I wear nice clothes to make myself feel good.

    I just hate women who turn everything into a competition: it is frustrating because you can never win. It is a pointless and senseless argument. But I still wear nice clothes. To show and prove I dress for myself. I will always look nice: no matter how competitive some women. I think this advice rings true for others, as well.

    Definitely DON’T let anyone stop you dressing with style because they try to turn it into a competition.


    [quote quote=212704]

    Definitely DON’T let anyone stop you dressing with style because they try to turn it into a competition.


    I remember one place I used to work when it could be a competition at times if you let it. Normal working wear was practical because of the nature of the job but, when at conventions some women really went to town in dressing to outdo each other. To an extent I think some men did too.


    Hello SpinningJen: it just annoys me that a woman can’t dress nicely without oneupmanship. Perhaps it is a trick to make one dress in jeans instead?

    I think having pride in one’s looks is very important. And personal style is just that: personal. I love plucking my eyebrows. I love having extra-short nails. I love wearing charity shop dresses. And the list goes on. I do also think fashion – and competition – is usually for the young. Older men and women tend more to dress with their own style: rather than one from a magazine. I write this because I am nearing 40 so don’t really follow trends, as such. I will be sensible. I do love outrageous earrings. Because I have had pierced ears since 11 years old. I have worn earrings for that long. I always wear extravagant jewellery: I always will. And when it comes to perfume, I will shower and not wear heavy perfume. I shower daily, so smell nice anyway.

    Basically, enjoy looking good and don’t let anyone stop you!


    Hope things ok KitKatKitty and you get the chance to check your private messages soon!


    I have done so. Thank you, Rachel!

    I hope you enjoy my responses! I had fun answering your questions.


    Nice to hear from you KitKatKitty – I have responded back, hopefully hear from you soon!


    Hi, .

    We our dance group has come together again so last night just 15 of us so i was dancing with 3  men druing the evening and my women friend as  we do go out a lot to the different dance,s, one guy is a Ball room dancer and he danced with his friend who allso is Ballroom and My friend Pam and 3 other,s get to dance with him, so is a lot of fun what i did not know he is learning our style of dancing wow,,, took a few times for him to get it at the end of one dance we were working together. i thing the guys know me well enough and are happy dancing with me , i may not be spot on all the time  at least i do get some dance,s right,

    And this brings  me to i quess can say the fail points as i see them .when i look at my friends = women i find very few wear make up those who do is similar to myself hardly any  yet for all that we are most nights evenly matched  dance partner,s  for the night and we do a lot of changing around   and many times we have 20 to 25  come along with that in mind theres only 2 men  who wont dance with me  in fact one wont talk to me if he can help it, the other,s all do  , any way just how it is, other wise i have fun and enjoy the evenings,



    I am glad you enjoy your dancing Noeleena. Don’t let the men who won’t talk put you off. That is just nasty!


    I am also glad you enjoyed your dance group, Noeleena! Dancing is always a fun and social event.

    I have done line dancing in the past with my social group. I also like disco dancing. Just in a fun way, though! I do enjoy watching professional dancers, too: such as Jennifer Lopez and stars at the theatre. Theatre shows are amazing. When the stars dance, it is wonderful.

    Anyhow, enjoy your dancing! And your time with your friends.


    My daughter has signed up with a cosmetic company and gets a goodie box each month paying just a fraction of the value of the goods. One thing she got two of was a face product called O2 its supposed to be 100% natural and it resets your skin’s Ph ..

    So I tried it after 3 days I was covered in pimples.. Obviously natural doesnt suit me!


    Natural does not always equal better. Stinging nettles are natural: so that is just an example!*

    Anyhow, your daughter must enjoy her monthly goodie box. I love beauty products myself and always will. I am a firm believer and user of soap. I LOVE soap. I shower daily and just love shower gel, too. But I am sorry for your allergic reaction, cassandra: that sounds like a real pain. I hope you’re OK now, though: and your skin has healed. Pimple outbreaks are horrible. Definitely stick to what you know!

    *I don’t mean to be patronizing!


    @kitkatkitty not patronising at all.

    I’ve always had sensitive skin I remember as a teenager putting on makeup to go to the cinema by the time the bus arrived at the cinema 3 miles away my eyelids were completely swollen shut and my friend was quite angry that she missed the film because she had to take me home.

    since I developed Graves disease my skin allergies have become much worse I have to prefer really careful only with cosmetics but also things like cleaning fluids certain types bring me out in a bad reaction.

    I also have a sun allergy so I have to be very careful and always use some sun  protection factor on my skin summer or winter.

    it’s funny you mention soap because  as one of the ways of reducing use of plastic we have ditched our shower gel and gone back to old fashioned soap,  we use it in seagrass soap bags which give a thick lovely  lather and are reusable so eco-friendly.

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