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wearing a girdle

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    So how many of you girls wear a girdle? I find that nothing else holds my stockings up as well. More importantly, a girdle keeps my tush from jiggling when I walk. I grant you sometimes you want the jiggle, but not when your dressed for business.


    I’ve never worn one.


    i have never seen one other than on vintage porn flicks. surprised they are even marketed now. i visit many women’s delicate stores like vic secret and have nevertheless saw any displayed. i will be inquiring about next time visit.


    I have never worn one. It might be a useful addition, but I find normal shapewear a bit constricting anyway.


    I’m not surprised you younger women don’t know what a girdle is or how it affects men. You probably don’t need to concern yourself with attracting men just now. But the day will come when you reach into that feminine arsenal  for all of the weapons of the temptress- black nylon, garter belts, girdles and the tallest heels.


    Hi Rhonda, I have recently rediscovered suspenders and had forgotten just how nice they felt to wear, and yes sometimes older women need to use everything they can to look enticing lol.


    more makeup every year too.


    Are don’t mention make up I do have a lot of trouble hiding my wrinkles as no creams seem to work despite all the claims.


    I know, and now its hair color too.


    Yes I do change mine now and then so I can have a blonde moment.


    Changing mine from grey to dark brown


    I’m a fan of thigh highs so I have a garter belt. 🙂 I don’t dress up as often as I used to. Now taken, it seems like dates are a thing of the past.


    Thigh highs are good for the Summer as tights are too constricting when it is hot.


    I don’t really wear stockings even, like TestDummy I’ve never worn a girdle I’m afraid.


    I’ve never worn a girdle, either! I am going to have to up my lingerie game.

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 24 total)
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