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wearing a girdle

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    Check Secrets in Lace website. That will give you some ideas. And be sure to look at the hose.


    I had a girdle when I was adolescent, but it was so constricting, so difficult to put up and down when I went to toilet.
    I had panties, but as I didn’t treat them carefuly, they were rapidly torn !
    Now most of the time I wear trousers, and as weather is hot, my little sandals. The most simple it is, the best. I do not have to attract anybody now. I feel well as a single !


    How do you feel in a girdle? How long did it take you to get used to it?  Do you think the nylons feel good? And how do you get on in heels? Thanks.


    Did you not feel sexy in a girdle, nylons, heels etc?


    i wear girdle, pantyhose and heels to fancy meetings if my pimps make me. feel really constricted. i prefer no undies when possible.


    Girdles? OMG I thought they had gone out with the ark!


    Girdles, thigh highs and heels look super gorgeous! I should wear them myself. I need a reason, though! Still, they look super glamorous and definitely are where it’s at.


    I usually wear a Playtex 18 hour girdle with  4 suspenders.  I have Rago too. To those thinking of it I would definitely recommend a girdle, but with a caveat or two.
    Make sure to get your right measurement always in a girdle. Be prepared to give it time. And dedication too. I remember it took me months to get used to being in a girdle all the time.
    I finally learned the secret of being able to let my belly go and let it be held by the satin front panel of my girdle. Once I achieved that my bottom followed suit, in no time my hips and thighs got used to it, even the waistband became bearable and I just find it nice and firm and supportive today.

    Make sure the suspenders are the exact right length to match with the nylons you have to wear.
    When putting on your girdle every morning – and for the first few months you must put it on religiously every morning – do up your back suspenders first making sure the girdle comes right down over your bottom the whole way, and even then two inches below your ‘crease’.
    Only then, hitch it up in front and do up your front suspenders. Then wriggle around for a few minutes to get it as comfy as possible.
    Then sit down on a hard chair and pull up the waistband while stopping the girdle from moving behind by pressing your bottom down firmly on the chair.
    That’s it, it’s on now all day until bedtime, and then you’ll experience the greatest relief in your lifetime as you take it down WOOHOO!
    In time you will get much the same relief when you pull your girdle up in the morning. Oh and I position my nylons on my legs first before I draw up my girdle, as it’s more difficult to bend to pull them on after the girdle is up on you. Thus you may need to put your shoes on first too before you step into your girdle – mind those heels damaging the fabric!
    Try to wear a dress or skirt that the girdle lines won’t show through, you don’t want to show the world how exciting you’re dressed, we always wore a slip – and a good knickers up OVER the girdle.


    You give good advice Gilliane, but I think you would put me off wearing one. I am a bit of a tomboy at times, bending and stretching as I work around the house and in the garden. I don’t think it would work with me, although I do like to be ladylike when I go into town. Yes, shapewear occasionally, but probably not a girdle.

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