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    Ello is a great website! But it is no Facebook.

    I have been Googling Facebook alternatives: but with little luck. Nothing compares to Facebook. There are those that try to, but don’t compare. I think Facebook is one of a kind and its format and design cannot be beaten. I am still using Ello, but love Facebook too much to give it up. Even with a nagging sister.

    I do use other websites, such as Pinterest and Instagram. They don’t compare to Facebook, either.

    Your thoughts on Facebook and how it compares to other social websites? Your views on Ello? Have you used Ello? Would you encourage others to use Ello?


    Id never heard of ello.. It seems to be a platform for creative people which is great but how do you reach potential users or consumers for your product?

    I like FB it gives you the chance to have a personal account and a business or hobby page, and it reaches a lot more passing trade than a specialized website might.


    Looking around there are various specialist forums for particular subjects or functions but I think Facebook is the most general. I have found that the social chat on specialist forums tends to cater for a small subset of the population, as one might expect.

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    Facebook cannot be bettered.


    I have been rather sneaky with my sister: I have another page she does not know about. I have stopped notifications being sent to her, too. I have also unfriended her, as horrible as that sounds. Still, I don’t post a lot-a lot: I post about relevant things and just converse with people: both aquaintances and friends.

    There’ll be no trouble now.

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    I am sticking with Facebook. It is the best website on the market and is just awesome.

    I have been posting photos for 4 albums on my Facebook site. These pictures are:

    1. Hellraiser 1987
    2. Spider Spider
    3. High Heel Glamour
    4. Fantasy Fairies and Angels

    Facebook cannot be beaten: it is the best.

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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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