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    I realize this isn’t a major issue or drama ATM but felt I should start this thread.

    I am unhappy because I have put on weight: I was eating mini cakes and a number of biscuits. I feel really disappointed in myself and like I have let myself down. I could’ve avoided this weight gain if I had thought more about what I was eating. THANKFULLY I didn’t eat my crisps or fried foods. Plus, I don’t eat at McDonald’s very often. I also have not been eating takeaways or pizza. BUT I have still put on weight. Those mini cakes are lethal.

    I eat a cereal for breakfast, always a light lunch and eat a homecooked dinner most nights.

    It is all the fault of those mini cakes. My advice: only eat one or two a week or you’ll end up bigger like me.


    Yes Kitty lay off those cakes, I am on a lose weight crusade at the moment  ready for Summer ( unless they ban everyone from going out lol ).  My problem is I am good during the day but get tempted around bedtime as I seem to get peckish then, resist I must if I want to stay a size 12.


    We have always maintained a fat Saturday policy.

    I started this when my children were little they could only have treats sweets or puddings at the weekend.. Saturday was the day they were allowed to go to the shop and pick some sweeties and stay up to watch a film.

    now the children have left home but my husband and I have just continued with this regime.

    We actually never eat McDonald’s or takeaway pizza so that’s not an issue for us but I only bake at weekends so that’s the only time we have cakes or treats.

    Chocolate is a Saturday treat and because of this we just haven’t put on any weight. Even after Christmas.


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    Funny that is exactly what I do a cake and some chocolate at the week end and very little bad food but plenty of liquid during the week. This seems to work I lose weight and still have treats lol.


    I cannot even remember the last time I was in McDonalds, but I used to really like the burgers. When our son was at home he liked Kentucky Fried Chicken so that was a treat for us. Nowadays it is mainly home cooked food but we do seem to end up with various cakes and other fattening things which have been radically reduced in the Co-op.

    One of my mistakes is going to art group hungry. We meet at lunchtime these days and someone usually provides a packet of biscuits or small cakes. I must admit I end up eating more than anyone lol. I have just bought a packet of sugar for the drinks. I am the one that uses most of that too!

    I wouldn’t say it is a battle but at least I stay active so, even if a little overweight, I don’t tend to put on too much. There are too many temptations but I would love to feel I am not squeezing into my clothes too much.


    I have a lovely red dress that I simply adore and if I struggle to get into it I diet drastically.

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    I gauge my weight by a tartan skirt I have which I love too. I had to originally take it in as a bit too large to fitting perfectly, so now if it is tight I am eating too much lol

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    I remember reading once that models who think they have slimmed down enough tie a piece of string round their waist so if it gets tighter they start slimming again. They are obsessed though about their weight.

    Also a good tip is to buy that fabulous dress but in a size smaller that you are and hang it in sight to make you say I will get into that dress. This does work for me.

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    Good news: my weight has gone down! I am avoiding the mini cakes, but still have a craving for chocolate. However, I shall only have a little chocolate. This means one or two squares at one time.

    As for dark chocolate: I hate it, to be blunt. It is bitter and tastes horrible, so I won’t be choosing that instead. I have tried it: but it isn’t for me. Milk chocolate is my sin of choice!

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    I now opt for GALAXY it is lovely and of course tempting, I buy the small 4 bar pack and only eat one bar every so often. I agree with you Kitty plain chocolate is not very nice, funny how good it tastes with peppermint cream inside though lol.


    I love Creme eggs (Cadbury’s), but the price tends to put me off such that I seldom look so not often tempted now. I remember being on holiday a few years ago. A local shop where we stayed had obviously bought a lot of short / out of date stock. Eggs were 19 pence each – I feasted lol.


    I love Creme eggs (Cadbury’s), but the price tends to put me off such that I seldom look so not often tempted now. I remember being on holiday a few years ago. A local shop where we stayed had obviously bought a lot of short / out of date stock. Eggs were 19 pence each – I feasted lol.


    I used to love cadburys creme eggs , I so looked forward to them each year I even had visitors bring them over when I first moved because I missed them so much.  But then something changed I had one a few years ago the chocolate was nasty and the fondant was hard not the soft flowing goo I remembered, I was told caburys ahd changed the recipe and that was the last time I bothered with them.

    The same is so of the walnut whip I tried one and it has a sort of marshmallow in it, they always used to have fondant ?? Anyway not nice at all..

    If I want chocloate I tend to buy Milka with the purple cow, and for a treat I go to a deli and buy real turkish delight not the jelly powderd stuff but the rich creamy stuff with pistachio nuts and rolled in coconut…. yummy


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    I always wonder why food manufacturers change recipes. I bought my usual gravy once and it was  so awful that I complained to them. Surprisingly they wrote back and said they had put it back to their taste panel and agreed, they enclosed a £5 voucher as well ( which I did not spend on gravy lol ).

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    I love creme eggs myself!!!


    I used to love them but find  they taste far too sweet now to me.

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