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Weight And Your Diet

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    I’ve lost weight: YES!

    I weighed myself today and I’ve lost 5 or 6 pounds. Now, there’ll be no celebrating with a mini cake! LOL.

    I am avoiding:

    1. mini cakes
    2. crisps
    3. ice cream – which I never eat anyway
    4. chocolate chip cookies
    5. takeaways
    6. fried foods

    Those are what I don’t eat anyway. But it’s all good with my weight going down.


    Actually with the corona thing going on it should be easier to avoid temptation.. Once a week shopping and if you dont buy it you cant just nip out for it..



    I do wonder with these people who stockpile. They will be sitting at home not exercising chomping their way through a mountain of cakes making themselves fatter and fatter. More fool them!

    Good for your Kitty 🙂


    I must admit going without chocolate is hard going: I’ve got terrible cravings for it. My body is so used to chocolate, it’s telling me it needs it. Drinking a glass of water doesn’t work: neither does anything else except chocolate.

    How do YOU deal with chocolate cravings?


    I suggest trying substitution thereapy Kitty. Find something that you really love that is more beneficial and eat that when you think about chocolate.


    An interesting thought Jen,  oranges do it for me  and they have vitamin c as well.


    I absolutely love oranges: their citrus taste and colour are gorgeous. Their smell is amazing, too. In fact, I made orange sauce the other day: I love doing so. Oranges are definitely a favourite of mine.


    I used to have lots of oranges. At least one a day but my teeth were starting to be affected by the acid so I had to reduce the number. I have perhaps two a week now of different citrus. Sometimes limes or lemons as well as oranges.


    Hi Jen, yes oranges can be acidic if you eat a lot but bananas or pears are good for me too. As we are reduced to staying in more I am exercising and recording all that I eat so hopefully I can lose some weight before the warmer weather.

Viewing 9 posts - 16 through 24 (of 24 total)
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