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    I had a strange dream in the night: I was shown a computer circuit board and had to spell “hone” and put numbers in their place. Now I have no problems with my math and English but something was stopping me putting the right words and numbers where they belonged. I remember feeling really annoyed because I knew all the answers.

    I do wonder where dreams come from.


    I have had similar dreams Kitty. I sometimes get the same in the daytime too. I think it is when I am really tired. I can see words on a page and read individual letters to make a word but just cannot string them together to make any sense. Interestingly this word blindness can be similar with math formulae. I am fairly mathematically literate and should be able to read a board full of equations but, unless I am really awake, it’s just a blur. I do wonder if it indicates why some people are better at some things than others.

    I did have certain thoughts about dreams and the power of the unconcious recently. A bit nerdy for here but the unconcious mind operating with random fluctuations / connections of neurons being a determining factor in intelligence?


    The brain is a complex machine. My old friend, Michael, had a head injury, yet he is a super-smart man.

    The unconscious is at work all the time: in sleep and when awake. It determines everything we decide. Our brains are programmed with natural instincts. There are a lot of emotional instincts learnt from parents in childhood and from being in the womb. There is the belief personality is decided before being born. In other words, a child may be aggressive, but not because of the parent. It may be the child was born with that aggression.

    As for intelligence: as we know there are people born with dyslexia, autism, Downs Syndrome, yet these people grow up so intelligent. Their brains are exactly the same as ours and have all the same functions. We are all the same, basically. And the way anyone is wired is due to a complex process of learning, the womb and environment.

    I could write forever about this subject, but I won’t. Neurons – just to add – are present in every brain, as we know. And they have their functions. So – yes – I believe you’re correct, SpinningJen.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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