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weird holidays thread

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    anyone can join here if they know of a weird holiday for the day, but this is a thread where I will try to post on a daily bases the weird holidays for the day.


    sunday, febuary 7:


    I have included my own comments by each holiday.


    Super Bowl Sunday: I am sure half of america (if not all) will tune in for that. huge sporting event, right?

    national Fettuccine Alfredo Day: nope. not my thing

    National Pork Rind Appreciation Day: when I eat pork, I defenetly don’t eat the rind- and I have not had pork in sometime, too. I do like pork though both
    roast pork and pork chops

    Scout Sunday: I’ve known people who used to be scout leaders, and I know some of the songs they sing by the campfire (or I used to, not sure I remember

    Janet Jackson Appreciation Day: I apreciate all of the jackson 5. up their with my favorite groups and singers

    Ballet Day: litirally the only thing I know about Ballet is good toes naughty toes. and that they use a lot of french terms. I never was in to Ballet though

    National Periodic Table Day: back at school we had to do some stuff on that, but I found it confusing!. all those cymbols and numbers, and then cymbols
    that don’t even make sense for the element it represents

    British Yorkshire Pudding Day: totally up for this one!. one of my favorite things in a meal and always have it sunday.

    International Clash Day: if it’s refering to the band, london calling is an okay song. and should I stay or should I go. other than that, why would you
    want a day to clash with people


    love your robot day: okay, then

    super chicken wing day: yes, yes, and yes!. I love chicken wings and wish I had them more

    Dump Your Significant Jerk Day: guess it’s time to delete some people from my addressbook who never contact me anymore

    National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day: another illness that no one really wants

    E day: and the e stands for what?. I’ve heard of D day and V day, but E day?

    man day: you are a man. lol.

    rose day: pretty. they smell good too

    Wave Back at Your Neighbor Day: woooo, I’m over here!

    Laura Ingalls Wilder Day: don’t know who that is. any idea?


    charles dickens day: I have 2 of his books, a christmas carol and oliver twist

    Hug an Addict or Alcoholic Day: I don’t know any, so I won’t be doing that

    National Day of Prayer for the African American & African Family: I’ll pray for them tonight as well as my usual


    Laura Ingalls Wilder Day: don’t know who that is. any idea?


    She was a writer and inspiration for the 1970s tv show Little House on the Prairie   ( Laura is the little girl in the red dress with the pigtails)



    I don’t have anything to add, but I LOVE this thread!

    Brilliant. I shall contribute when my muse visits me!


    the holidays for tomorrow are:


    National Potato Lover’s Day


    International Scotch Day


    clean out your computer day


    opera day


    National Molasses Bar Day


    International Epilepsy Day


    National Girl Scout Cookie Day


    National Football Hangover Day


    National Iowa Day


    Boy Scout Day


    Kite Flying Day


    Laugh & Get Rich Day


    Oatmeal Monday


    Propose Day

    rebel day


    Colorism Awareness Day


    Preseren Day


    Call Everyone Dave Day


    Family Day


    E day celebrates the mathematical constant e, 2.718281828, also known as Euler’s number.

    The month of February is also:

    Berry Fresh Month
    Celebration Of Chocolate Month
    Great American Pies Month
    National Canned Food Month
    National Cherry Month
    National Fiber Focus Month
    National Fondue Month
    National Grapefruit Month
    National Heart Healthy Month
    National Hot Breakfast Month
    National Snack Food Month
    National Potato Lovers Month
    National Sweet Potato Month

    The following is celebrated The first week in February:

    La Poutine Week (in Canada)
    Shape Up With Pickles Time


    You won’t shape up with poutine, that’s for sure. It’s fries covered with cheese curds and gravy. Not good for you, but pretty tasty!

    I’ll be way behind here with so many holidays each day, so for now I’ll just give a quick hooray for Laura Ingalls Wilder! First book series for me when I could read on my own was her Little House books. I have them still, plus one or two others about her, and my oldest son likes the books a lot and has his own set. I loooved the show so much as a kid!

    Also have to say: Dahl’s Chickens! I laughed so hard when I first encountered that Dickens reference in The BFG. Dahl was brilliant! 😀

    I’ll make a note to share this thread with my kiddos on Monday, then we can poke around for info on the holidays we’re interested in, and I might have some comments.


    I don’t think I can compete here lol. I only remember, or learn, many of them when they occur. There are some interesting ones!



    The second Monday in February (today) was Oatmeal Monday.

    The Second week in February is:
    Great American Pizza Bake
    Jell-O® Week
    Kraut and Frankfurter Week

    How could I possibly have forgotten that February is also Black History month!  Shame on me.


    today, febuary 9th, is:


    National Pizza Day


    National Bagels & Lox Day


    Extraterrestrial Culture Day


    World Zoothanasia Day


    National Develop Alternative Vices Day


    National Cut the Cord Day


    Toothache Day


    Read In The Bathtub Day


    Stop Bullying Day


    Chocolate Day


    National AAP & APRP Recognition Day


    Fugu Day


    Meat Day


    Wear Orange 4 Love Day


    Feast of Saint Apollonia


    Feast Day of Saint Maron


    see you tomorrow!


    This  Stop Bullying Day should be every day…


    oh I agree!.


    bullying isn’t nice in any form


    morning all.


    the holidays for today, feb 10th, are:


    National Cream Cheese Brownie Day


    World Pulses Day


    Umbrella Day


    National Home Warranty Day


    National ‘Have a Brownie’ Day


    Global Day of Clay


    LtCol Vindman Day




    National Flannel Day


    Teddy Day


    All The News That’s Fit To Print Day


    Plimsoll Day


    NEET Day


    National Deworming Day


    Feast of St. Paul’s Shipwreck


    National Memorial Day of the Exiles & Foibe


    Feast of Saint Scholastica


    today’s holidays are:


    National Peppermint Pattie Day


    International Day for Women & Girls in Science


    National Shut-In Visitation Day


    National Inventors’ Day


    Make a Friend Day


    World Day of the Sick


    Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk Day


    Get Out Your Guitar Day


    National 211 Day


    Fat Thursday


    KISS Day (South Carolina)


    Whitney Houston Appreciation Day


    Giving Hearts Day


    Hug a Tall Person Day


    Be Electrific Day


    Gratified Being Single Day


    Grandmother Achievement Day


    Promise Day


    Pro Sports Wives Day


    White Shirt Day


    National Foundation Day (Japan)


    European 112 Day


    Feast Day of Our Lady of Lourdes


    Rosh Chodesh Adar




    Whitney Houston Appreciation Day – Any day! 🙂


    I do notice from our calendar that it is president Lincoln’s birthday today.

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