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    Chinese New Year 


    National P B & J Day


    National No One Eats Alone Day


    National Biscotti Day


    Darwin Day


    Plum Pudding Day


    World Cholangiocarcinoma Day


    Red Hand Day


    The Inbox Day


    International Winter Bike to Work Day


    Palindrome Day


    National Paul Bunyan Day


    Hug Day


    National Freedom to Marry Day


    Lincoln’s Birthday


    Safety Pup Day


    National Productivity Day (India)


    Sexual & Reproductive Health Awareness Day


    Oglethorpe Day


    Scout Jumuah


    Bra Day (Japan)


    National Hump for a Day, Day


    Lost Penny Day


    NAACP Founders’ Day


    Georgia Day (Georgia)


    Gamma Day (Illinois)


    National Women’s Day (Pakistan)


    Shabbat Shekalim




    National Tortellini Day


    Galentine’s Day


    National Italian Food Day


    Global Movie Day


    National Cheddar Day


    World Radio Day


    National Crab Rangoon Day


    Palentine’s Day


    National Break Up with Your Carrier Day


    Swiftie Day


    National Mistress Day


    National Self Love Day


    International Condom Day


    National Wingman Day


    Black Love Day


    International Natural Day


    Employee Legal Awareness Day


    Desperation Day


    Madly In Love With Me Day


    Scout Sabbath


    Kiss Day


    Dream Your Sweet Day


    National Internet Friend Day


    Use An Alternate Name Day


    International Purple Hijab Day


    National Khaki Day


    National Tortoni Day


    Expose Bill Gates Day





    Forgot to look up facts about Lincoln for school. Oops!

    Here’s what I see for Feb 13th:

    • Desperation Day
    • Dream Your Sweet Day
    • Employee Legal Awareness Day
    • Galentine’s Day – (Always the day before Valentine’s Day)
    • Get a Different Name Day
    • Global Movie Day – February 13, 2021 (Second Saturday in February)
    • International Condom Day
    • International Natural Day
    • Kiss Day
    • Madly In Love With Me Day
    • National Break Up With Your Carrier Day
    • National Cheddar Day
    • National Crab Rangoon Day
    • National Internet Friends Day
    • National Tortellini Day
    • National Wingman’s Day
    • Scout Sabbath – February 13, 2021 (Last Day of Boy Scout Week)
    • Self-Love Day
    • World Radio Day

    This is a fun thread! 😀


    For Get a Different Name Day…

    What would you choose for a new name? I’ve always liked mine, but maybe I’d go with Alyssa. And Jane as a middle name, in honour of Jane Austen.

    (I plan to use a pen name when I publish, and I picked one of my great-grandmother’s names because I’ve always liked it.)


    my mother once told me that if she hadon’t have called me emily, she’d have chosen megan.


    and for that reason, I am glad I’m an emily.


    if I had to pick a new name?


    well… stephanie was always a name I liked as is michelle


    Oh gosh .. When I was born my parents hadnt decided on a name my grandmothers got together and came up with a huge name including both their own and various other family names something along the lines of Ellen- Rosemary- Kathleen -Joan -Nora..

    My father went ballistic and said he was going to the town hall and register me as Zoe Mercedes unless they shut up.

    They went very quiet and a name that everyone agreed on was chosen (including a saints name).

    I suppose Cassandra is a name I like because it has an ideal to live up to. Cassandra always told the truth although she wasnt believed.


    I LOVE the names:

    1. Candy [cheesy but my favourite!]
    2. Marguerite
    3. Elizabeth
    4. Autumn
    5. Maxine
    6. Roxanne

    Those ARE gorgeous, gorgeous names.


    ….. Zoe Mercedes?




    today is:


    valentines day


    International Book Giving Day


    National Cream-Filled Chocolates Day


    World Marriage Day


    International Day of Prayer for Autism & Asperger Syndrome


    World Bonobo Day


    National Donor Day


    World Congenital Heart Defect Awareness Day


    Pet Theft Awareness Day


    Ferris Wheel Day


    Frederick Douglass Day




    Sister’s Day


    World Sound Healing Day


    Wine-Growers’ Day (Bulgaria)


    National Simp Day


    Evolution Sunday


    Race Relations Day


    Read to Your Child Day


    National Call in Single Day


    League of Women Voters Day


    International Quirkyalone Day


    Library Lovers’ Day (Australia)


    Mother’s Day (Norway)


    Have a Heart Day (Canada)


    Arizona Admission Day


    Oregon Admission Day




    Small Soap Day (Mexico)


    Pulwama Attack Day (India)




    Presidents’ Day


    International Childhood Cancer Awareness Day


    National Gumdrop Day


    International Angelman Day




    Singles Awareness Day


    Annoy Squidward Day


    The ENIAC Day


    National Black Movie Day


    National Wisconsin Day


    Susan B. Anthony Day


    National I Want Butterscotch Day


    Bun Day (Iceland)


    Hippo Day


    Plastic Pollution Awareness Day (Georgia)


    Broken Hearts Day


    International Male Chastity Day


    St. Skeletor’s Day


    National Black Girl Magic Day


    International Fanworks Day


    Love Reset Day


    Galileo Day


    National Cheap Chocolate Day


    National Plan B Day


    National Bad Breath Day


    Slap Day


    National Flag of Canada Day


    Parinirvana Day


    Remember the Maine Day


    Heritage Day (Canada)


    Decimal Day


    Family Day (Canada)


    Louis Riel Day (Manitoba)


    Heritage Day (Nova Scotia)


    Florida Craft Beer Day


    Day of the Mexican Woman (Mexico)




    holidays for today:


    Random Acts Of Kindness Day


    National Cafe au Lait Day


    Ash Wednesday / Lent Begins


    National Cabbage Day


    National Indian Pudding Day


    World Human Spirit Day


    My Way Day


    National PTA Founders Day


    National Public Science Day


    International Crumpet Day


    National RA Appreciation Day


    World Cat Day (Italy)


    National Champion Crab Races Day


    National Tennis Pro Day




    Analog to Digital TV Day


    Perfume Day


    Inventors’ Day (Mexico)


    LULAC Founder’s Day


    When You Grow Up Day


    Feast of Shesmu


    and here were yesterdays:


    IHOP National Pancake Day

    National Almond Day

    Fat Tuesday

    Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day

    Innovation Day

    Tim Tam Day (Australia)

    National Do a Grouch a Favor Day

    Paczki Day

    Kick Day

    Harvey the Hound’s Birthday (Canada)

    911’s Birthday

    216 Day (Ohio)

    National Buna Day (Ethiopia)

    LOINC Day

    Kyoto Protocol Day

    Restoration of the State Day (Lithuania)

    Feast of Saint Onesimus
    list end


    Woo hoo for a day about pancakes!

    And a day to encourage people to be kind to others. 🙂 Also, I have to tell the youngest boy about World Cat Day, though he is getting more interested in dogs these days…


    you can never have too many pancakes. yum!


    Drink Wine Day

    Introduce A Girl To Engineering Day

    National Crab-Stuffed Flounder Day

    World Anthropology Day
    (3rd Thu)

    National Battery Day

    National Hate Florida Day

    Pluto Day

    Eat Ice Cream For Breakfast Day

    Rakali Awareness Day

    International Asperger’s Day

    Cow Milked While Flying In An Airplane Day

    National Thumb Appreciation Day

    Flirting Day

    Toni Morrison Day (Ohio)

    Enzo Ferrari Day

    Critical Care Transport Nurses Day
    list end

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