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    Tea for Two Tuesday
    (3rd Tue)

    National Panda Day

    Freedom Of Information Day

    No Selfies Day

    World Social Work Day
    (3rd Tue)

    National Artichoke Hearts Day

    Stone Cold Day

    National Curl Crush Day

    Curlew Day

    National Everything You Do Is Right Day

    Black Press Day

    Goddard Day

    Love Your Lips Day

    The Lord’s Day

    Saint Urho’s Day

    Kinky Underwear Day (Pastafarian)

    National Vaccination Day (India)

    Rachel Corrie Day

    Young Carers Action Day (UK)

    Saint Patrick’s Eve
    list end


    Saint Patrick’s Day 

    National Corned Beef & Cabbage Day

    National Irish Coffee Day

    Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action
    (3rd Wed)

    World Delirium Awareness Day


    SBDC Day
    (3rd Wed)

    Rubber Band Day

    National Carry Out Day / Carry Out Wednesday
    (3rd Wed)

    Submarine Day

    Campfire Girls Day

    Doctor-Patient Trust Day

    National 3D Day

    National Muay Thai Day (Thailand)


    Patrick Star’s Birthday

    317 Day (Indiana)

    Saint Gertrude of Nivelles Feast Day

    National Dietitians Day (Canada)
    (3rd Wed)

    Evacuation Day (Massachusetts)


    World Sleep Day

    National Chocolate Caramel Day

    National Oatmeal Cookie Day

    Poultry Day

    International Client’s Day

    Let’s Laugh Day

    International Read to Me Day

    Taxonomist Appreciation Day

    National Backyard Day new icon

    National Certified Nurses Day

    Deskfast Day

    National Preschool Teachers Appreciation Day
    (3rd Fri)

    National Residency Match Day
    (3rd Fri)

    National Automatic Door Day new icon

    Mojoday (Discordianism)

    Swallows Return to San Juan Capistrano Day

    National Stretch Mark Day

    Operation Iraqi Freedom Day

    Goddess of Fertility Day

    I Know I Exist Day
    (3rd Fri)

    Kashubian Unity Day (Poland)

    Minna Canth Day (Finland)

    National Day of Action against Bullying & Violence (Australia)
    (3rd Fri)


    Feast of Saint Joseph
    list end


    I love automatic doors, so I’m glad they get a day! 🙂


    hahhaa, they are good as long as you don’t get caught on them.


    or your bag or something




    here are the holidays from saturday, mar 20, to march 24 which is wednesday


    International Day of Happiness

    National Ravioli Day

    Maple Syrup Saturday
    (3rd Sat)

    Spring Equinox

    Bock Beer Day

    National Corndog Day

    National Native HIV/AIDS Awareness Day

    Macaron Day

    Great American Meat Out Day

    Worldwide Quilting Day
    (3rd Sat)

    Proposal Day

    Orval Day

    World Sparrow Day

    World Oral Health Day

    World Flour Day

    Hufflepuff Pride Day

    Alien Abduction Day

    World Behavior Analysis Day new icon

    Plant a Seed Day

    World Head Injury Awareness Day

    Save the Florida Panther Day
    (3rd Sat)

    International Sports Car Racing Day
    (3rd Sat)

    World Storytelling Day

    International Astrology Day

    French Language Day

    World Frog Day


    Atheist Pride Day

    National Westie Day

    National Tequila Day (Mexico)
    (3rd Sat)

    Very Hungry Caterpillar Day

    Aries Begins (Tropical Zodiac)

    National Jump Out! Day

    Bibliomania Day

    International Francophonie Day

    Bed-In For Peace Day

    International Earth Day

    International Day of Nowruz

    Recorder Day
    (3rd Sat)

    Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day

    Kiss Your Fiance Day

    World Day of Theatre for Children & Young People

    Snowman Burning Day

    Feast Day of Saint Cuthbert
    list end

    Mar 21, Sun
    list of 42 items

    National French Bread Day

    International Day of Forests

    International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

    World Poetry Day

    International Tiramisu Day

    World Down Syndrome Day

    National Crunchy Taco Day

    National California Strawberry Day

    National Rosie the Riveter Day

    National Healthy Fats Day

    National Single Parent Day

    Common Courtesy Day

    Fragrance Day

    World Planting Day

    Slytherin Pride Day

    Global Surveyors’ Day

    No Strings Attached Day

    Cluster Headache Awareness Day

    Anal Cancer Awareness Day

    World Wood Day

    International Colour Day

    National Countdown Day

    World Puppetry Day

    National Flower Day

    Credit Card Reduction Day

    Gallo Wine Day

    National Renewable Energy Day

    The Purge Day

    Twitter Day

    National Teenager Day

    Spring Fairy Fun Day

    National Day of Action on Syringe Exchange

    Memory Day

    Afghanistan Day

    Harmony Day (Australia)

    Passion Sunday

    Arab Mothers Day

    National Census Day (UK)

    Human Rights Day (South Africa)

    Bird Day (Iowa)

    Race Relations Day (New Zealand)

    Feast Day of Saint Seraphim of Vyritsa (Orthodox)
    list end

    Mar 22, Mon
    list of 21 items

    World Water Day

    National Bavarian Crepes Day

    International Day of the Seal

    Goof Off Day

    Gryffindor Pride Day

    Talk Like William Shatner Day

    World Doula Day

    Tuskegee Airmen Day

    National Rehabilitation Counselors Appreciation Day

    National West Virginia Day

    Lynch Syndrome Awareness Day

    National Badminton Day

    National Sing Out Day

    We Love Broccoli Day

    Age Is Just A Number Day

    International Taxi Driver Day (Russia)

    International Gurjar Day

    Resident Evil Anniversary

    Emancipation Day (Puerto Rico)

    Arab League Day

    No Collusion Day
    list end

    Mar 23, Tue
    list of 20 items

    National Agriculture Day

    National Puppy Day

    National Chip & Dip Day

    Cuddly Kitten Day

    National Tamale Day

    World Meteorological Day

    Melba Toast Day

    American Diabetes Association Alert Day
    (4th Tue)

    World Bear Day

    World Optometry Day

    Ravenclaw Pride Day

    Near Miss Day

    OK Day

    Atheist Day

    National Chia Day

    Liberty Day

    National 3D Day

    Affordable Care Act Anniversary

    Day of Hungarian-Polish Friendship

    list end

    Mar 24, Wed
    list of 25 items

    National Chocolate-Covered Raisins Day

    National Cocktail Day

    World Tuberculosis Day

    Equal Pay Day

    Education & Sharing Day

    Red Cross Giving Day

    National SBCD Day

    National Cheesesteak Day

    Great American Take Out Day

    Flatmate’s Day

    National Drugs & Alcohol Chat Day

    International Sauerkraut Day

    International Day for Achievers

    International Right to the Truth Day

    National Cake Pops Day

    International Houdini Day

    Exxon Valdez Remembrance Day

    The Office Day

    National Side Boob Appreciation Day

    National Adverse Drug Event Awareness Day new icon

    National Each Person is A Person of Worth Day new icon

    Student Day (Scientology)

    Day of Remembrance for Truth & Justice (Argentina)

    National Orange Day (New York)

    Feast of Saint Oscar Romero
    list end


    My mum can take Sauerkraut Day (yuck!) and I’ll celebrate chocolate-covered raisins! 😀


    Mar 25, Thu
    list of 35 items

    International Waffle Day

    National Medal of Honor Day

    Pecan Day

    National Lobster Newburg Day

    International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery

    National Cerebral Palsy Awareness Day

    National Bridesmaid Day

    Tolkien Reading Day

    Old New Year’s Day

    International Procrastination Day

    International Day of the Unborn Child

    National Medical Biller’s Day
    (Last Thu)

    Test Optional College Day

    National Dante Day (Italy)

    National Michelle Shafer Half Moon Cookie Day

    International Myeloma Action Day
    (Last Thu)

    National OmazingYou Day new icon

    International Kiss an Italian Day

    Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Anniversary

    Lady Day

    National Wear Pants Day
    (Last Thu)

    EU Talent Day

    Maryland Day (Maryland)

    National Day of Celebration of Greek & American Democracy

    Day of Solidarity with Detained & Missing Staff Members

    FND Awareness Day (UK)


    Discordians for Jesus Day (Discordianism)

    Ta’anit Bechorot

    Feast of the Annunciation

    Independence Day (Greece)

    National Forest Day (Romania)

    National Handwashing Awareness Day (Belize)

    Bengali Genocide Remembrance Day (Bangladesh)

    Freedom Day (Belarus)
    list end

    Mar 26, Fri
    list of 26 items

    Purple Day

    Spinach Day

    International Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Day
    (4th Fri)

    National Nougat Day

    Air Max Day

    Solitude Day

    National Day of Action & Healing / Asian American Day of Action new icon

    World Endometriosis Day

    Legal Assistants Day

    Live Long & Prosper Day

    Leonard Nimoy Day (Boston) new icon

    World Climate Day

    World Day of Cervical Cancer Prevention

    National Ranboo Day

    Friday of Sorrows

    Free The Nipple Day

    Falafel Appreciation Day

    National Hug A Ghost Day

    International Sister Cities Day

    No Homework Day
    (Last Fri)

    Prince Kuhio Day (Hawaii)

    Shabbat HaGadol

    International Procrastination Day (Observed)

    Daffodil Day (Ireland)

    Wear A Hat Day (UK)

    National Slow Down Day (Ireland)
    list end


    Mar 27, Sat
    list of 28 items

    National Spanish Paella Day

    World Theatre Day

    International Whisk(e)y Day

    National Joe Day


    International Cheese Day

    Brother & Sister Day
    (Last Sat)

    Earth Hour
    (Last Sat)

    Take your Parents to the Playground Day

    International Medical Science Liaison Day

    Support Women Artists Now Day / SWAN Day
    (Last Sat)

    National Blunt Day

    Arduino Day

    National Camp at Home Day

    National Cheese Day (France)

    Start That Book Day
    (Last Sat)

    Muslim Women’s Day

    International Day of Multilingualism

    National Scribble Day

    Be MaD Day
    (4th Sat)

    Celebrate Exchange Day

    Viagra Day

    Myanmar Resistance Day

    National Cleavage Day

    Mariah Day

    World Day for the End of Fishing
    (Last Sat)

    Bike Store Day (Canada)
    (4th Sat)

    Global Sisterhood Day
    (Last Sat)
    list end


    Palm Sunday

    National Black Forest Cake Day

    Something On A Stick Day

    National Children’s Picture Book Day

    Weed Appreciation Day

    National Respect Your Cat Day

    Progressive MS Day

    Haitian Pose Day

    National Triglycerides Day

    Eat an Edy’s Pie Day

    Eggsibit Day

    Black Marriage Day
    (4th Sun)

    Virtual Advocacy Day

    Serfs Emancipation Day

    Gone-ta-pott Day

    National Hot Tub Day

    Barnum & Bailey Day

    National All Things Detroit Day

    Neighbour Day (Australia)
    (Last Sun)

    European Summer Time Begins (EU)
    (Last Sun)
    list end


    Ooh, I think I’ll buy a small Black Forest cake today. Yum!


    Vietnam Veterans Day

    National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day

    National Mom & Pop Business Owners Day

    International Mermaid Day

    World Piano Day

    National Pita Day

    National Nevada Day

    International Day of the Landless

    Smoke & Mirrors Day

    Seward’s Day
    (Last Mon)

    Niagara Falls Runs Dry Day

    Texas Love the Children Day

    Knights of Columbus Founder’s Day

    Love Your Children Day

    Holy Monday

    International Day of Solidarity with Haiti new icon

    Gnocchi Day (Argentina)
    list end


    Mar 30, Tue
    list of 20 items

    National Doctors’ Day

    National Hot Chicken Day

    World Idli Day

    World Bipolar Day

    National Turkey Neck Soup Day

    Pencil Day

    Take A Walk In The Park Day

    National Virtual Vacation Day

    National I Am In Control Day

    Holy Tuesday

    National Fitness Recovery Day new icon
    (Last Tue)

    Cheshire Day (UK) new icon

    International Day of Domestic Workers

    International Folding Laundry Day

    Torrents Day

    National Becca Day

    Welcome Home Vietnam Vets Day

    Jeopardy Day

    Grass is Always Browner on the Other Side of the Fence Day

    Palestine Land Day
    list end

    Mar 31, Wed
    list of 28 items

    National Tater Day

    Manatee Appreciation Day
    (Last Wed)

    World Backup Day

    National Clams On The Half Shell Day

    National Little Red Wagon Day
    (Last Wed)

    National Crayon Day

    National Border Control Day

    World Lipodystrophy Day

    Document Freedom Day
    (Last Wed)

    Holy Wednesday

    Anesthesia Tech Day

    International Hug a Medievalist Day

    Whole Grain Sampling Day
    (Last Wed)

    International Transgender Day of Visibility

    National Bunsen Burner Day

    National Prom Day

    National Oranges & Lemons Day

    World Colorectal Cancer Prevention Day

    National Aboriginal Languages Day (Canada)

    National Wear Your Ears Day

    International Loki Day

    Terri’s Day

    National Farm Workers Day

    Cesar Chavez Day

    National She’s Funny That Way Day

    Eiffel Tower Day

    Transfer Day (USVI)

    Thomas Mundy Peterson Day (New Jersey)
    list end


    and that’s march complete!. tomorrow I will start on april


    happy april


    here we go with the holidays for the 1st and second


    list of 31 items

    April Fool’s Day 

    National Burrito Day
    (1st Thu)

    Sourdough Bread Day

    Baseball Opening Day

    Take Down Tobacco National Day of Action

    National One Cent Day

    National Trombone Players Day

    National Lupus Alert Day

    Maundy Thursday / Holy Thursday

    National Soylent Green Day

    International Road Maintenance Day
    (1st Thu)

    Birthday of Sliced Bread

    Social Circus Day

    Reading Is Funny Day

    National GOOS Paper Day (Canada) new icon
    (1st Thu)

    International Day of the Barista


    National Jump in Muddy Puddles Day

    International Waluigi Day

    Fossil Fools Day

    Tell a Lie Day
    (1st Thu)

    Saint Stupid’s Day

    US Air Force Academy Founders Day

    Boomer Bonus Day

    Myles Day

    National Atheists Day

    International Tatting Day

    Odisha Day (India)

    St. Melito Feast Day

    Assyrian New Year

    White Rabbit Day
    list end

    Apr 2, Fri
    list of 24 items

    National Peanut Butter & Jelly Day

    Good Friday

    World Autism Awareness Day

    National Walk to Work Day
    (1st Fri)

    International Children’s Book Day

    National Ferret Day

    Love Your Produce Manager Day

    International Fact-Checking Day

    Poet in a Cupcake Day

    April Facts Day

    National DIY Day

    Bandcamp Friday

    National Volleyball Day
    (1st Fri)

    National Out to Win Day

    National Wear Blue Day for Child Abuse Prevention
    (1st Fri)

    Great Lovers Day

    World Marbles Day

    Student Government Day
    (1st Fri)

    Hospital Admitting Clerks Day
    (1st Fri)

    Reconciliation Day

    Malvinas Day (Argentina)

    Orphan’s Day (Egypt)
    (1st Fri)

    Pascua Florida Day (Florida)

    Thai Heritage Conservation Day (Thailand)
    list end


    Apr 7:

    United Nations’ World Health Day
    National Beer Day, United States
    National Coffee Cake Day
    National No Housework Day
    National Girl Me Too Day
    National Handmade Day
    National Bookmobile Day
    National Walking Day
    Childhelp National Day of Hope

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